Monday, December 6, 2010

May I tease you with some pictures....

No time to update lately. Between MAC, Dance (our performance is coming up THIS Saturday), Holiday stuff-o-rama & oh yeah, something that is yet to be mentioned on this blog, & this 'something' deserves a post to top all posts, with words that I have yet to find. But soon, I will get on here & pour my heart out (again), but until then, here is some pure good old randomness, summed up best by pictures.

Mike won the coveted trophy at our annual Thanksgiving Bowling of Fun.
He got the high score of
the day, 151. My Madre deserves an honorable mention with a 147!

This Halloween at MAC, the 1st day was be whatev's, I am a "Dark Fairy", very creative, I know. The 2nd day we did masks & I have no photo proof, sorry ya'll. Here I am with some of my MAC fam.

Me & Lindsey

 BEST. COSTUME. EVER. Jess was Oprah this year & she came in to my work & we got her all Oprahphied, loved it! She won most creative costume at the annual Webb family Halloween Party.
 She IS the white OPRAH!

Camren wants to be outside ALL of the time, doesn't bother him if it is only 4 flippin
degrees out, not one bit!

Here is Mike & his bud for life doing a mini triathlon, yes this is the same one he did in the summer with some of his bro's as well. I warned you that there were some random pix coming up.

 Another pic from this past summer, but I felt it needed to be present on this blog. Isn't it gorgeous? Looking out my window right now staring at a blanket of snow, I am having
warm summer day with drawls.

 Z boys chillin eatin some fries before the grand feast at the bowling alley

 Jaden being Harry Potter (well a much cuter version if I do say so myself)

 O'Gwin cousins having a slumber party with my kiddos last time they were out here

Peace Out!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

I mean...

You know how I said in my last post that we were going to the Greg Laswell concert on Friday night? Well we did. And it was more than TERRIFIC! Here is the play by play:

Arrive at the hole in the wall venue (which I adored, would love to see all of my favorite
artists play at The Avalon) just 10 minutes before they open the doors. Magically we are like 12th in line.

Run  in & nab 2nd row seats! My dream come true...literally.

About 20 minutes later the first act comes on, some random dude I've never heard of, but am amply impressed by his voice & lyrics, all accousticy & such.

Then, the 2nd act comes on, randomness to the 10th degree. A local Provo band. I could end my explanation of the band right there & you all would have a perfect image of who they were. Mike & I were giggling like 6th grade girls the whole time they were performing. It was awesome.

3rd band comes on, set's up some new, definitely improved equipment on stage & introduces themselves as "Haper Blynn", hate to say it but Mike & I were a bit skeptical of them to say the least. And then, they started to perform, won us over instantly! I was just a bobbin my head & a tappin my foot the whole time they were on stage. We LOVE them! Turns out they were going to be ol' Greggy Poo's band & back-up singers for the night as well. Mike bought their 2 CD's immediately after they had performed & before Greg came on stage. Later the whole band signed them for me. The lead singer simply wrote "Laura! Saw you boppin'! Jay" Melt...

Greg comes on stage & my heart grows 3 times it's normal size. He put on one of the best live shows I've ever seen. He was equally parts charming, funny & of course talented. I felt as if he was singing just to me for most of the show (oh the benefit's of sitting 2nd row)

After the show was over Harper Blynn & Mr Greg Laswell himself come out & take pictures with people & sign autographs...I truly did not want the night to end.

Hers is Greg, doing what he does best, serenading me, sigh...

I wanted to um, stand out, so I asked him to do a goofy picture with me instead of the 'smiley' pix I saw everyone else asking him to do. He humored me, & can I just say that mine was the only one he asked to see how the picture had turned out? Standing out mission accomplished!

And here I am with Harper Blynn, sorry the pix aren't the greatest, only had my phone on me to capture such sweet sweet moments...

If you haven't yet heard of Greg Laswell, check him out, he truly is a hidden gem. And for sure look up Haper Blynn while you are at it, it'll be worth your time, I promise.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Thirty to the Two & ya don't stop

 Happy Birthday Mike!!!
(Photo courtesy of Mike, being Mike, pretending to be me at Lake Powell this summer)

Mike turned the big 3-2 yesterday & we spent the day sleeping in, having doughnuts as our breakfast of champions, lunch at Kneaders & strolling around Barnes & Noble (one of our fave past times) & then getting Pizza for dinner while watching Jazz BEAT Orlando. Very laid back & relaxing, just the way Mikey Likey. The celebrating is being drawn out till tomorrow though, as we are going to the Greg Laswell concert tomorrow night. So excited for that, I adore Greg Laswell & his beautiful man voice.

32 things I ADORE about Mike

1. He is super goofy (refer to picture above if proof is needed)

2. He is so great with kids. One of the first things that made me fall in love with him, when we were first dating, was watching him play with his nieces & nephews, so cute!

3. He makes me & the boys pancakes every Sunday morning.

4. Whenever I am sitting on the couch, he'll come into the room, grab a cozy blanket & wrap it around me, just in case I am a little chilly.

5. He built my beautiful Dance Studio for me (now that's a dream maker right there)

6. He lets me cry whenever & for however long I need on his shoulder

7. Even when my hair looks like I just stuck my finger in a light socket, & I am in ratty old sweats without a stitch of make-up on, he looks at me & says "Man you're beautiful!" Makes my day, even if he is lying through his teeth.

8. He is obsessed with basketball & is an awesome player. He IS the white Michael Jordan.

9. He researches every purchase that he ever makes. And I mean RESEARCH.

10. He is the Best Dad to our two little boys. So hands on & loving. I am more & more impressed with him everyday I see him with them.

11. He changes the words to almost every song that I am ever singing.

12. He reads his scriptures every single night, no matter how tired he is.

13. He'll watch chick flicks with me.

14. He ALWAYS remembers the important dates (birthdays, anniversaries, valentines etc..)

15. He supports me in my dreams & ambitions

16. He helps clean the bathrooms

17. He gets just as excited for the holidays as I do

18. After making fun of the movie "Phantom of the Opera" the first 40 minutes of me MAKING him watch it with me, it has now become one of his favorite movies of all time.

19. He could sit & draw floor plans all day if time allowed

20. He works so darn hard for our family

21. He is more than respectful to his parents

22. He makes me laugh until I cry on a regular basis

23. He's the first one to volunteer when any one is in need of help

24. He gets along with my family so well that sometimes I wonder if they get more excited to see him than me, pretty sure the answer to that is yes, & I would agree with them. I would definetly get more excited to see him over me any day of the week.

25. He doesn't complain when our dinner for the night is cereal... again.

26. He was there for me month after excrushiating month that I didn't get pregnant. Just there to listen, cry with, take my mind off of it, get me flowers, the list goes on & on.

27. He knows just how important birthdays are to me

28. He loves taking on a challenging game of Soduku

29. He's worthy & willing to give me a Priesthood blessing whenever I am in need of one

30. He does the funniest dance moves for me whenever I am jamming to my music in my bathroom getting ready to go out.

31. He encourages me to go on 'Girls Nights' with my girls. Which means a lot, cause I've seen some girls have to practically beg their husbands for a night out.

32. Because he is just HIM, plain & simple (refer to picture above, if needed)

Monday, November 8, 2010

Be Weird

Be weird. It's funner to be weird anyways.

Make a funny sound for no good reason, other than to hear what comes out of your mouth.

Look in a mirror & try to make the craziest face known to man & see if you would still recognize yourself if you passed yourself by on the street. If you wouldn't, mission accomplished.

Take a piece of American cheese & throw it at the fridge & see how long it sticks. Crappy fake cheese.

Always have some random rap song playing in your head while walking up & down the aisle's of Wal-mart. You will feel like you are in a runway show rap video & it'll make going to that black hole; where I swear they need stop lights on every aisle just to accommodate all of us that get lured in by their low prices (curse them) a wee bit more of a sunny spot in your day.

Utter things like "G'day Mate", "That's old hat" & "Stupendous!" throughout the day.

Ask for an extra straw at a restaurant & put both of the straws in your mouth, in front of your top teeth, behind your lips & pretend you're a Walrus. Gets Mike every time...

Walk around your house spritzing cologne in the air, so it will smell like a Holister store instead of a house.

Call up a friend & instead of starting out with the old 'How are you doing?' question, genuinely ask them if there refrigerator is running, more than likely they will say yes & then even if they were having a bad day, well at least their fridge still works. (I know where you all thought that was going, but no crank call jokes, just weirdness today.)

Play the game "Sorry" & whenever you actually 'Sorry' someone back to their home base say "Did I DO THAT?" in your best Steave Urkle voice (Mike does this ALL of the time & not just in the game 'Sorry'. Come to think of it this is a very annoying thing to do, not weird, but annoying).

People watch whenever you can, I will take my breaks at work & while I am indulging in what can only be described as a small slice of heaven at the Nordstrom Cafe, I sit back & people watch. There is a lot of weird people out there & I like it. The more of us the better.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Anything But BASIC

This past week I was in Portland, "But why Laura?" One might ask, well patience my pretties & I will tell all. MAC, you know that sweet company that I work for? They sent me (along with 3 other girls from my counter) to what they call "Basic", my first official Bidnis trip of my life- it was sooooooo much fun!!! Flight paid for by MAC...check, Hotel paid for by MAC...check, Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner paid for by MAC...check, going to classes that I get to soak up an obscene amount of make-up knowledge & techniques & actually get paid to go to them (not the other way around, & trust me, I would have shelled out a pretty penny to attend said classes) by MAC....chigitty check! I met so many fun people who will forever be life long friends, got to go roam about the beautiful city of Portland at night & I feel like I learned so many new tips & tricks for doing make-up, what a fun week! I, of course missed my kiddo's & huzzy like crazy while I was away, it's nice to be back. But man, oh man, what an awesome experience! Now enjoy the picture overload from my trip...

      Here is some of us in MAC Heaven at the MAC store

Yours truly & my beautimus roomie, Stephanie

Here's the whole gang showing off our personalized MAC lipsticks that
 we got to make ourselves, too cool

Mua, Yolanda & Stephanie out & about our first night there

There was the cutest Yummiest frozen yogurt shop right
across the street from
 our hotel, here we are indulging...TASTY!

          First night out, just a strollin in the rain, needless to say we were singing "Umbrella" by  Rihanna all over the city that night.

Same yogurt shop, different night. Me & Vanessa fresh faced,
in jammies & lovin life!

Hate how whited out this pic is, but here we all are in front of the hotel. The cutie patuties in the middle (red hair, Shauna , to the right of her, Melissa, & to the left of me Bethany) are our trainers.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Happen to be HAPPY








bUT bETTER lATE tHAN nEVER, aM i rIGHT, oR aM i rIGHT? *





* pRETZEL m&M'S *

 aT tHE eND oF dANCE cLASS *




Monday, October 4, 2010


This is going to be brutally honest, & maybe not in my best interest to even post this, but I kinda feel like putting it out there in the Universe somehow validates it, gets it off of my chest, gets people off of my back, however you want to put it, but here it is. Adoption. I am pro adoption. Mike & I started our papers back in January, our momentum & motivation was unstoppable, until it was, well... stopped. Everything felt like it was falling right into place, at the beginning. What happened? I don't know, it puzzles me. In some ways when I went in to have our first intake interview with the social worker (she's great, love her, NONE of this has anything to do with her), I felt judged, under a microscope & I wasn't good enough. Is that what has paused this process, my own insecurities? Or is it something more. The trusting, hopeful side of me says that it is just because whomever is supposed to come into our family still isn't ready yet, that everything has it's place & time. This is the side that I try to listen to & be in harmony with. The other part of me is still bitter that I couldn't get pregnant on my own again, I was able to get pregnant without even having to put any thought whatsoever into it with Jaden & Camren. Why has my body failed me this time? Why am I hung up on the fact that I am sooo sad that I don't get to proclaim to my family & friends that Surprise! I am preggers! Yay! Every one screams & starts crying out of pure happiness & everyone is hugging everyone. Why do I feel like I need to have this scene played out in real life like I have seen it played out in my head month after month for the past 5 years? I don't know, I wish I did.

I get nervous that my youngest is now SIX, what a large gap there is going to be now (and only getting bigger by the days) if we do have another child. So then I think, well we will just have to have two more close together now, but how will we have 2, when it seems impossible to even get one more into our family at this point. Hmmmm, I know it all boils down to faith. And I know mine is being tested. I DO have faith, I DO know that it eventually is all going to work out & fall into place exactly as it is supposed to. Sometimes it is just easier said than done. As are most things in life. There, I put it out there, don't judge me, please. This is just how I feel, for now.

Another way I feel when I put stuff like this on my blog, for all to read, Like I have said before, I feel like some songs can just put into words what I can't, so as cheeseballs as I realize this is, a song by 3 Doors Down fits perfectly...

"What happens to a man when
He spills his heart on a page and
He watches words flow away then
His feelings lie on the page alone
There waiting
For someone who cares to read them
To open their eyes to see them
To see if they can make his thoughts their own
To find out that maybe your life's not perfect
Maybe it's not worth what he gives away..."

"Pages" by 3 Doors Down

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

I made you a Mixtape to show you how far we are in this Relationship...

So, at this point, I KNOW you all know my obsession with music. Can't get enough of it, looove finding new music, love jamming in the car/shower/anywhere in general to it, can't live without it... and so on & so forth. I love it so much that I want to share my love for it, in some small way, by making CD's of it for those that I love & adore. I especially like making CD's for people who seem to appreciate the music that I "share" with them as much as I do. If they know it or not, I put a LOT of thought & time into making each & every CD I make. I literally think of the recipient, go through my music (CD by CD, yep, I have yet to store all of my music on to my computer, seems too daunting of a task at this point. So, I actually sit at my PC & load CD after CD, grabbing different songs off of each & adding it to a play list that I am personalizing for said recipient) & really try to choose songs that I think that they might possibly love. Some CD's can take me up to 2 hours to create. Sounds like I am crazy? Like at that point when I am making a CD, that I don't have any form of a life? Well, you're probably correct on both accounts, but I actually LOVE doing it! I get to listen to some of my favorite music & be creative in my own little way (what? I know I didn't actually create the songs themselves, but putting them together in my own little mix is fun & satisfying to mua). Each one is filled with sweet music (in my humble opinion) & a little Laura Love from me. If I were to make a custom CD right at this very second, here is what would be on it...

1. "Kandi" by One Eskimo

2. "Can you find me?" by The Summer Set

3. "Jar of Hearts" by Christina Perri

4. "Sea of Love" by Cat Power

5. "Addicted to Love (Robert Palmer cover)" by Florence & the Machine

6. "Dimestore Diamond" by Gossip

7. "Kid's" by Sleigh Bells

8. "Clementine" by Sarah Jaffe

9. "Twisted" by Katie Melua

10. "Love the way you Lie" by Eminem ft. Rihanna

11. "Soldier of Love" by Sade

12. "Send you on your way" by Eastmountainsouth

13. "Summer Rain" by Belinda Carlisle (that's right, from the 80's)

14. "Electric Twist" by A Fine Frenzy

15. "Anything but the Truth" by Jack Johnson

16. "This Conversation" by The Submarines

17. "Who am I to say" by Hope

18. "Always on my mind (Willie Nelson cover)" by Iron & Wine

19. "Closer" by Kings of Leon

20. "Friend" by Brandi Carlile

Most of these songs are at the bottom of this blog on my Playlist. Which is my own version of a Mixed CD for myself, I always pull it up to listen to on shuffle whenever I am on my computer. Chiggity check 'em out if ya want, I will be enjoying them either way. Cheer's to Music...

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Numero One Hundred-O

This is officially my 100th post on this blog (as a hush falls over the crowd), so I better be making it special. Well, I haven't been on here in a while (for good reason, I've been a busy little bee) so I have like, 100 things to catch you up on. On your mark, get set...... GOOOOO!

1. I officially am working (part time) at the MAC counter, Loving it thus far!

2. At my tender age of 29 I finally took the leap & pierced my ears (I can hear all of my familia
letting out a shriek right about now).I am soo excited for my 6 weeks of wearing studs to be up,
so I can get to the 'fun stuff' in the earring world.

3. Cam's Birthday was yesterday...can't believe my BABY is 6!!!

4. Cam started Kindergarten last week. Can't believe my BABY is in Kindergarten!!!

5. Jaden is a BIG 3rd grader... when does time get away from me so quickly?

6. We got a kitten & he lasted all of one day at our house. He was super cute, white hair, blue eyes (just like my boys) & we named him Boston. But after both of Jaden's eyes swelling completely shut from just being in the same room as him, we sadly had to give him back.

7. Mike was in a mini triathlon & KILLED it! He finished like 26th or something out of like 350!
Go MJ! And now he has 'the bug'. I have a feeling that this will be the first of many for him.
I am so proud of my Mike & who knows, maybe someday I'll join him on some of his new adventures in physical fitness. That remains to be seen...

8. My mother & father in law left to the MTC yesterday. They are going to be serving a
 mission inthe New Hampshire, Massachusetts mission at a Joseph Smith historical site
 in Vermont. They are going to be amazing!!!
I love them both so much & am going to miss them terribly.
But I KNOW that is where the Lord has need for them now.

9. Bonus for me on where they are serving their mission: when Mike & I go & visit them, we will travel to Boston & go to a Celtics game at none other than 'The Garden'. Wishes being granted left & right.

10. I am starting dance up again next week. Super excited. Can't wait to see all of my cutie patutie dancers again. They have been missed.

11. Sorry, nothing to report on the 'baby' front. (Just in case you were wondering)

12. Went to 2 fantabulous concerts this summer (both at USANA) The first was Jack Johnson. Me & Bree went together & it was a blast!!!! Love Jack J! Love to say that I actually have sang along with him LIVE! Have too many funny 'drunk men' at the concert stories. I'll just leave it at Drunk Guys at Jack Johnson Concerts are Insane!!! The 2nd concert was Dave Matthews Band! Double date with Krista & Jesse (thanks again my loves), & lets just say I think that I smelled enough Pot that night, that I went home with the munchies.... Loved the company at both concerts, Loved the outdoorsyness, loved it all!

13. Went to "Eat Pray Love" twice! Loved it both times. Found it inspiring. Some of the peeps that I
 went with the 2nd time didn't love it like I did. As a matter of fact, I think they loathed it. Sorry in laws.

14. I got a new bedding set!! So cute, feel like I am in a Hotel every time I slip into bed at night. I had my other bedding for 8 years & have been wanting something new & fresh the last couple years. Found a bargain on something I LOVE at TJ Maxx & the rest is history.

15-100. I won't bore you to tears... leave 'em wanting more Laura..... always leave them wanting more.

Friday, August 6, 2010


'I want you to notice, when I'm not around'

I love those lyrics from Radioheads 'Creep', maybe I am just a bweirdo (me, weird?....) but, I mean really, don't we all kinda feel that way? Wouldn't it feel nice for people to notice when you're not around? Like, hey, where's (your name inserted here)? I don't think anyone likes to feel invisible, like it makes no difference to the people around them whether they are present in their life or not. For example, I totally notice it when someone- Anyone, is missing from a Sunday dinner at either sides of the Family. When Spence (my bro) & Tiffany (my sis in law) have their week to be with her side of the fam (which is obviously tot's understandable) I'm missing them & their funness that they bring to the Jackman abode. (Don't worry- rest of my family- I too very much notice when any of you are missing too, I was just giving an example) Or, on Mike's side of the familia, it's definitely pure insanity when everyone is there, but that is sooo much fun! I look forward to seeing everyone, I get a wee bit sad when I realize that it's Krista & Jesse's off week, or the Burges or what not. I just DEFINITELY NOTICE when peeps in my life aren't around. Am I making a dollop of daisy sense? And I would hope that my familia/friends maybe notice when I'm not around, just for the sake that maybe that means that I actually have somewhat of a positive influence over those around me & that I am not just a waste, where people go...'Oh, Laura wasn't here? I didn't even notice'.... Randomness, I know & I kinda feel like I am putting myself out there a bit by even proclaiming this little inside my headness thingamajigger. Some other random stuff I've noticed lately:
              * Men, boyz, boyz II men, however you want to put it, think that fluffing (passing wind, farting, ahem) is like the funniest thing on the planet. I get it, it's natural, whatevs & a lot of times it makes a silly noise, but the joke is really just always on me, cause now I get the pleasure of smelling a smell that should only immediately be flushed down a toilet. PeeUUU!

              * That somehow, I've realized that some people think that I am 'quiet'. What? Me quiet? They just must not know me too well. I always am surprised when I am sitting around crackalackin some jokes with someone, you know, just fun this & that banter, & they say to me "Laura, I had NO idea that you were like this!" I guess I get it, around some people, some people (no, not you) intimidate me, so I probably am a bit quieterstererer around them. Or maybe you just mostly see/talk to me in Sacrament meeting or heck, z county Library for that matter, but those places I would just be a jackhole if I wasn't quiet. For the most part I am loud & obnoxious & not the least bit sorry about it. And if we aren't in a Chapel or Library setting & I still appear quiet, then Congrats, you probably are one of the people that intimidates me a bit. :)

              * No matter how old I get, I still get unnaturally excited when a teacher brings treats as 'part of their lesson' in church. So, of course, I will always be coming up with some sort of snack whenever it is my turn to teach the lesson in Young Women's. There is something about being in a place that doesn't have a pantry or fridge full of food, that makes food (of any kind) look like the most tastiest thing you've ever laid eyes on.

            * That this whole Blogosphere thing keeps dwindling & dwindling. Not as many comments come into the comment box as there used to, not as many people updating their blog as often as they used to, not as many people even blogging at all anymore. A tear rolls silently down my left cheek ;) But on the reals, yo, I still love this whole blogging thing & I miss a lot of you & miss reading your random thoughts on your own blogs & heck, I am just going to be selfish, & your random thoughts in my comment box....

           * That painting my own nails is both so relaxing & the most frustrating thing ever at the same time. Not too many things have that combo.

          * That I invest WAY to much of my personal emotions into reality stars (and I guess just famous people in general) lives. Why oh why do I give such a hoot when the couples from The Bachelor don't make it? I mean really, did I really think that it was going to last anyways? It's like they are my personal BFF's & I discuss them at length with my real life BFF's, strange. But still fun, none the less, so I will carry on in the tradition of being a sucker for these things. Gotta love it.

         * That if you lay down in a bed, lights off, eyes shut long enough, you really will eventually fall asleep... even if it is a few hours later & you feel like you have lost at least a thousand brain cells telling yourself over & over again to FALL ASLEEP!

         * That I waste so much milk every time I decide to actually have milk with my cereal (I normally just eat it dry). I take a spoonful, drain out the excess milk & then eat the bite of cereal, by the time the cereal is gone, there is basically a full bowl of milk & there is no way that I am going to drink it on it's own, so it goes down the drain, right before the bowl goes into the dishwasher.

         * That 'love at first sight' really is possible. I noticed this the other day. My older sister Stacy had her fourth baby & Jess (my younger sister) sent me a simple text with a picture of my new niece (they live in Cali & my Ma, Pa, & Jess went out there for when she had the baby) & I took one look at her & I haven't even had the chance to meet her, just seen the one picture, but I already felt such a strong love for her. And that proves the theory of 'love at first sight'.

Monday, August 2, 2010


It's that time!!!! Yay! I am having open registration for DANCE now!!! Call & sign up, it is going to be a blast & a half!!! I do classes from 3 years to Adult & charge $30 a month. I mostly focus on Hip Hop & Modern dance styles. So, please give me a call today if you are interested, classes beginning Sept 7th!!!

Dance Studio
Hope to hear from you soon! :)

Friday, July 23, 2010

20 Dollar Bill

I was so touched by a talk President Uchtdorf gave at April's General Conference titled
"You Are My Hands", it has been on my mind a lot lately & so I thought I would share some of the parts that really stuck out to me in my mind. Here are some of my favorite excerpts from his talk:

"I hope that we welcome and love all of God’s children, including those who might dress, look, speak, or just do things differently. It is not good to make others feel as though they are deficient. Let us lift those around us. Let us extend a welcoming hand. Let us bestow upon our brothers and sisters in the Church a special measure of humanity, compassion, and charity so that they feel, at long last, they have finally found home.

When we are tempted to judge, let us think of the Savior, who “loveth the world, even that he layeth down his own life that he may draw all men unto him. …

“[And] he saith: Come unto me all ye ends of the earth, … [for] all men are privileged the one like unto the other, and none are forbidden.”

In truth, we “all have sinned, and come short of the glory of God.” We are all in need of mercy. In that last day when we are called to the judgment bar of God, do we not hope that our many imperfections will be forgiven? Do we not yearn to feel the Savior’s embrace?

It seems only right and proper that we extend to others that which we so earnestly desire for ourselves.

I am not suggesting that we accept sin or overlook evil, in our personal life or in the world. Nevertheless, in our zeal, we sometimes confuse sin with sinner, and we condemn too quickly and with too little compassion. We know from modern revelation that “the worth of souls is great in the sight of God.” We cannot gauge the worth of another soul any more than we can measure the span of the universe. Every person we meet is a VIP to our Heavenly Father. Once we understand that, we can begin to understand how we should treat our fellowmen. "
Here is my FAVE part...

One woman who had been through years of trial and sorrow said through her tears, “I have come to realize that I am like an old 20-dollar bill—crumpled, torn, dirty, abused, and scarred. But I am still a 20-dollar bill. I am worth something. Even though I may not look like much and even though I have been battered and used, I am still worth the full 20 dollars.”

With this in mind, let our hearts and hands be stretched out in compassion toward others, for everyone is walking his or her own difficult path. As disciples of Jesus Christ, our Master, we are called to support and heal rather than condemn. We are commanded “to mourn with those that mourn” and “comfort those that stand in need of comfort.”

In the book of Proverbs we read that “a friend loveth at all times, and a brother is born for adversity.” Let us love at all times. And let us especially be there for our brothers and sisters during times of adversity. "
So good, so inspirational! I am sure most of you have heard it, read it, etc... I just felt like re-sharing it here on my blog. And the part above that I said stuck out to me the most, the part about what the lady said about the $20 bill. I've always realized that the worth of souls is great in the sight of God & that we are all beloved children of our Heavenly Father. This just help give me a great visual example & REALLY made it CLICK in my head. We really are all worth sooo much & even though we go through life & have our personal struggles & can get stained from the world, we still are worth the same amount. I love it, I love to know through all of my sins & repenting & oops, there I go sinning again & coming back to ask for repentance. Through my weaknesses & struggles, I am still worth so much in the sight of the Lord. And you know what, so is every single person around me. And THAT is how they deserved to be treated. It doesn't matter how tattered & torn they are, they are still worth the same amount as a crisp hardly used $20 bill.
Hopefully this speaks to you as much as it does to me. Thanks for reading. :)

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Little Miss Obsessive

Stuff I am obsessed with as of late....

*The show 'Double Exposure' on Bravo. It follows these
two photographers as they do major photo shoots with major stars. The guy is bonkers
& the girl is gorg (she's an ex model), & they used to date each other & they
fight mad crazy over stuff, but they are amazing at their craft.
Very Entertaining!!!*
*The chicken cesar salad at Kneaders. I am very picky
when it comes to Cesar Salad & they nailed this one.
*The songs:
"My Delirium" by Ladyhawke
"Merry Happy" by Kate Nash
"Kandi" by One Eskimo
"Goodbye" by Greg Laswell
"Starstruck" by Santigold
"You, Me and the Bourgeoisie" by The Submarines
"Samson" by Regina Spektor
"The Kiss" by Pallers
"Everywhere I go" by Lissie
Look 'em up, you won't be disappointed, I promise
(well, unless u have sucky taste in music,
then I can't help you there:)!*
* Raspberries in milk with honey on top. This isn't a new
obsession, I've done this since I was a young one.
Learned it from my gramps, so yummy & good for you!*
*Two finger rings, that's right, rings that go over TWO fingers.
The first time my mom-in-law saw me
wearing one she asked,
"Are those things legal?"
She thought that it was brass knuckles. Awesome!
Made me like the ring & her even more.*
*The show "Bethenny Getting Married" also on Bravo.
If you are familiar with
'The Real Housewives of New York', then yes,
it is the same Bethenny.
She has her own spin off show & I laugh
uncontrollably every episode.
She has got to be THE wittiest lady on TV. *
*The Summer Vanillas home oil collection from
Bath & Body Works.The Berry one is my personal fave.
Just wish they weren't limited edition.*
*The word 'Amazeballs', not always graciously accepted amongst
many people, but I find it to be a crack up
when lightly peppered into any conversation.*
There you have it, my people, what are you obsessed with?

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Girls Camp Rocked the Hiz House

Girls camp was even more funnier, awesomier, coolier, bettier, sweetier, spiritualier & dopeier than I could ever imagined. It seriously was a blast and a half! Loved it! We stayed in The Sorensen's sweet cabin (we were roughing it fo sho). So many fun times, and oh how I truly LOVE every single person that shared in on the girls camp experience 2010! Some highlights:

***The ride to and from camp... talk about a partay in the Montero my loves!***

***Doing all of the girls make-up (a wee bit foreign lugging a bunch o make-up to CAMP, but whatev's) & seeing just how beautimus every single one of them really are!***

***Seeing a baby Moose right outside the cabin & naming him "Moosey"***

***Crying my eyes out, later that night after applying make-up to the girls, telling them that
inner beauty is SO much more important than outer beauty, that they are all beautiful daughters of God & that THAT is what REALLY matters!!!***

***Singing awesome silly songs with the girls***

***Having a very spiritual Testimony Meeting Friday night out on the porch surrounded by beautiful mountain scenery***

***Going 'Snipe Hunting' with the Beehives....Priceless***

***Laughing till I nearly peed myself with all of the leaders (basically every second we were there, but in particular the last night, after all the girls had gone to bed) My vision for being a leader myself at camp realized!!!***

***Getting to know everyone sooo much better & literally loving every second of being with all of them, Long Live Girls Camp 2010!!!***

Let's get to some Pix, shant we.....

So, this is the last day when we were packing up & Katie was about to snap a fabu pic of mua & instead got this (which is even MORE fabu if you ask me). For some reason Steph decided to scare me half ta def at this very instant & Katie captured it. Loves!

Here is 'Moosey', inside joke:

"I tried to stop him, I said 'Moose Stop!', but he didn't listen..."

Here is me, Katie & Katee doing our Miley pouty lips face right after the makeovers.

Work it Girlz!!!

Stretching out atop z ladies

Right before 'Snipe Hunting', notice the Beehives have Toothpaste plastered on their faces. The Laurels told them it "lured" in the snipes. Good stuff!

Great times, great times! Thanks Jake for allowing us unlimited back stage access to your sweet cabin, you are the ONLY reason I would ever claim to be TEAM JACOB! :) Thanks to all of the other leaders, not only did you make me feel like a kid again, but you truly made me feel like a true Stand Up Comedian (which, let's all be honest, I so am not! Only at midnight, in the dark, when I am literally Standing Up, whilst you were all laying down)! And especially Thanks to the 'girls', thanks for accepting me into the YW clan with open arms... I love, love, love you ALL!!!