Tuesday, September 23, 2008


Okay, so I really was FREAKING OUT!!! Last night my cousin Sara had asked if I would meet her at The Gateway to help her choose some cute clothes out for a cruise that her & her huzzy are going on. Well I got there a tad bit early & was starving so I thought I would go grab some Orange Chicken from the good ol' Panda Express. Well, I'm sitting down minding my own biznis' & all of the sudden half of the cast from "SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE" walks in. By the time that I finished eating my food & got up the nerve to go approach them & ask if I could get my picture taken with them, only Joshua (be still my heart, the WINNER), Twitch & Will were the only ones that had stuck around to eat their food. But originally Comfort, Chelsea & Mark were there as well. It was so insane, at one point while they were waiting for their food Comfort & Twitch started flippin' poppin'- I about D.I.E.D! I of course right of the bat called Krista on my cell & told her what was taking place right in front of me & said that I wished that she was there with me (she is my So You Think You Can Dance buddy)! Sooo, back to me approaching them, I was such a star struck maniac, I was all "I would kick myself in the butt if I didn't come up & ask to get my picture taken with you, Oh my goodness! I love you guys, You are sooooo awesome, I watched faithfully every week & voted for all ya'll!" I am not even close to kidding. They were super nice to me though & acted happy to pose for the picture. It turns out that they are in town for tour & are actually performing tonight. Later while I was walking around with Sara I saw another cast member, can't remember his name as of now, but he reminds me of my bro-in-law David. What a fabulous night! Such an adrenaline rush for me- FREAKING OUT STILL!

Monday, September 22, 2008

Getting Close!!!

Oh yeah, we've got Stucco, we've got rock, we've got tile & we've got cabinets!!! Sweet! It's so fun to go see the progress on our house & since we live so close to it we are over there nearly every day! Which is actually a good thing, cause that way we have caught a few "mistakes". What, A builder makes mistakes? Ya don't say! But no, they are really doing a great job & I am very impressed with the speed at which they are completing our house. Muy bueno muchacho's! Jaden & Camren love going to the house & finding spiders in the insulation downstairs. Jaden even "caught" one yesterday (um, it was dead) & brought it up to me & said "Now I have a pet! Now all I need is a case to put it in!" Needless to say, it did not come in the car with us, I said, Okay go put it in the room that's going to be yours! Seemed to satisfy him. Well, we are looking at just 3-4 weeks until we get to move in. The countdown is on!

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Harajuku Girl...

So the story on this is.... I worked at MAC today & usually we have to wear ALL black, but not today my friend! Ohhh, no, they told us to dress like "Harajuku Girls"! Translation: layer lot's of stuff that doesn't really go together & makes you feel like you're stuck in the 80's. It was a lot of fun though, I got some awesome stare downs in the mall's parking lot walking to & from my car. But I just strutted my stuff & smiled! :)

Thursday, September 18, 2008


Here's a fun tag, go to Google images and type in your own answers for the topics below. Pick your favorite image on one of the first 3 pages of results. I tag Stacy, Tami, Kim & Kristy.









Monday, September 15, 2008

I just really liked this...

AMEN!!! I loved this & needed to update, so here ya go one and all. Here you go!

Monday, September 8, 2008


"I'd rather be absolutely RIDICULOUS, than absolutely boring!"

* Top Picture: Mike was going to have Krista cut his hair & so he thought, "Hey I'll help her out, I'll cut me some BANGS first!" Luckily this is the before Krista fixed his "bangs" picture. It wasn't all business in the front, party in the back for long. Thank Heavens & Krista!
*2nd Picture: Every year that we go down to Lake Powell, we take our "baths" in the lake. Well, ever since I've had my hair short, when I put shampoo in it I can sculpt the gnarliest Mohawk & so I do! It's only a Lake Powell thing though, when we arrive home from L.P. the Mohawk is retired, sadly.
*3rd Picture: I know that I had a picture very similar up of this on the side of our blog for a long time, but when I took it down I knew I HAD to feature it in an up coming post, so here it is. In all of it's glory! Camren in his princess get up on Christmas morning throwing a tissy fit at Mike- Priceless!
*Final Picture: This last winter when we lived at Vickie & Larry's, Jaden had gotten into some of their "dress up's" & came into my room & tried to scare me, I thought that it was so funny that I burst out laughing, Jaden was a little bit upset at first that I hadn't squealed in horror, but then he started laughing along with me. What a cute piggie/KISS band member!

Friday, September 5, 2008

A "FEW" things that make me, well...ME! :)

I've seen a few other people do this post & I liked it (I guess I like to learn quirky facts about others that I otherwise might not know)! It is a wee bit self indulgent I admit, but here are 100 different thing that make me who I am. Oh, & before I begin, you may want to grab a refreshing beverage cause this could take a while, & also I found a quote last night that I though that would go along nicely with this post....

"In a world where you can be Anything....BE YOURSELF!"
1. Whenever any clock says 11:11 or 3:14 (my b-day) I have to close my eyes & make a quick wish.
2. When I was in middle school I wanted a middle name so badly that I made one up for myself & so I would sign everything
"Laura Ashley Jackman"
3. When I was little I would go around our house & pretend that
I was "giving away" our furniture on The Price is Right, I would say things to imaginary people like "You could be the winner of this BEAUTIFUL Grandfather Clock!" & in that moment I was one of Barker's Beauties!
4.When I was in 8th grade I was over at my friends house & there was a cat outside with us that wouldn't leave my side & he ended up following me home & my parents still have him to this day, his name is Simon.
5. On my first date with Mike we stopped at a Albertsons in Park City to grab some treats & Mike grabbed the UGLIEST hat & said to me in the goofiest voice, "If I wear this, will you kiss me?" & from that moment on he hasn't stopped making me laugh.
6. I am the BIGGEST night owl, I would have no problem if "normal" hours were 12pm-3am
7. I have always, my whole life, said that I wanted to own my own dance studio when I grew up & so when I first started teaching dance at the studio that Mike built for me, it was like a major life
goal/dream being realized.
8. I like going out & partying as much as the next person, but my favorite thing really is staying home in my sweats with my huzzy, getting take out & watching movies.
9. I am beyond obsessed with music, I feel like it is one of the most powerful things, the way it can affect my mood is amazing.
10. I also am kind of a music slut, I like so many different types of music, as long as the song has some sort of feeling/emotion behind it, I like it. Whether that be music that makes me hyper or depressed.
11. When I was young I vowed that I would own a Tiger when I grew up no matter what it took! Now that I have kids & have seen one too many Discovery "When Animals Attack" shows, my view & passion on that subject has shifted a bit, but they are still by far my favorite animal!
12. If I could live anywhere other than Utah, I would choose Maine. I traveled there with my family when I was younger & for some reason fell in love with it!
13. When I was little I had New Kids on the Block sheets & on the pillow, I had to have Jordan's face facing up, so that he could "breathe"! For the record, No I will not be buying their new CD.
14. I have always wanted children, I wanted them so badly that Mike & I got pregnant just 4 months after getting married.
15. I think that 50% of my food intake entails Peanut M n' M's & Reeces Peanut Butter Cups. Rarely could you look in my cupboards & not find these two essentials.
16. I don't hardly ever cook (sorry Mike), but I think that it sounds
really fun!
17. I was so scared when I found out that I was pregnant with my second (because my first broke me in really well) & now that I WANT to be preggers again it hasn't happened for 2 1/2 years & counting....
18. I have always had a passion for reading & funny enough, I think that it started out with "The Babysitter Club" books, I was obsessed.
19. In my youth I think that I tried to start every single kind of "club" that you could imagine. The "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun Club" was my favorite & whats funny is that we had a boy in the club!
20. Some of my dream jobs (other than the Dance Teacher bit of course) are Interior Decorator, Fashion Stylist, Magazine Editor, Make-up artist to the stars- especially Jennifer Aniston, music video choreographer, American Idol judge, Um can you imagine me being the female Simon "Was that singing? It sounded like a cat being ran over to me!"
21. I am a Product Junkie, if there is a new mascara/lotion/lip gloss out on the market, I want it.
22. I love being a Freelance Make-up artist for MAC, I take great pride in making people feel good about themselves. And it's just plain fun to go play in ALL OF THAT MAKE-UP!
23. I sometimes worry that since I am soo into make-up & "girlie" stuff, that some people might think that that's all there is to me.
24. Making custom CD's for other people is one of my favorite things to do, not only do I get to listen to great music (in my opinion) in the process, but then I get to share my love for music with others.
25. I bawled my eyes out in the movie "The Notebook", literally had snot coming out the nose, bawling.
26. I have weird irrational fears, like sometimes when I am about to start my car I'll think "What if theres a car bomb on the car?"
27. I've always wished that one day Mike would wake me up in the morning like Richard Gere wakes Julia Roberts up in "Pretty Woman", waving a credit card in front of my face saying "Let's go SHOPPING!"
28. My go to color to wear is Black, it's just so easy & helps with some of that "extra" weight.
29. My favorite color to actually wear though is a deep periwinkle.
30. My favorite flowers on earth are Calla Lillie & Gerber Daisies.
31. I secretly wish that I could plan my whole wedding over again, there are definitely some things that I would shake up a bit!
32. My brother Matt lent me Arrested Development & I am so glad he did, they are hilarious! Love that show!
33. I was soooo sad when Friends came to an end, that's my fave
show of all time!
34. I love going to concerts, there is just something about seeing the artist's you love & admire perform live, my favorite so far has to be U2!
35. If I could cast Edward in the Twilight movie, it would be Jake Ryan, you know from 16 Candles & Wild Hearts Can't Be Broken.
36. I've always wished that I could sing really good, & that I would get up in Sacrament Meeting & blow every ones socks off!
37. When I was little I had a "pretend" baby & I named her "Bubbles", and when I say pretend I don't mean a doll, I mean an invisible baby.
38. I am in love with the Victoria's Secret line "PINK"
39. I know that this sounds a little odd, but a while back I wished that I had a gay best friend like Grace does on Will & Grace.
40. I would MUCH MUCH MUCH rather have someone think that I was nice, sincere, funny or creative than think that I was pretty, it's a much better compliment I think.
41. I could spend hours & hours in Barnes & Noble sipping on specialty drinks & looking through random books.
42. I can never go to Target & only come out with what I went there for.
43. I'm not afraid of spiders or mice, but snakes creep me out.
44. I am obsessed with the sense of smell, everything in my life needs to smell good- EVERYTHING!
45. I sometimes wish that I could still live with my siblings & parents they are some of my favorite people to be around, & sometimes it feels like I don't get to spend near enough time with them.
46. I love turning music on in my living room & making up an improve dance right there on the spot. Pretending all the while that I have a huge audience watching & applauding me, of course.
47. Sometimes when I sing along to POP music in my car I pretend I'm in a music video & it makes getting from A to B a lot funner!
48. One of my favorite kisses with Mike was when we were in Lagoon's parking lot & it was just pouring buckets of rain on us & we were drenched- Too Much Info? Anyone? But I swear it could've been
in a movie!
49. I used to say ALL the time "Okay Dokey Hokey Pokey Rokey Smokey" & it drove everyone around me nuts, luckily for all around me I've kind of kicked that habit.
50. I love watching old movies, anything with Doris Day or Audrey Hepburn, I think it's cause me & my sister would always watch these with my Mom growing up.

Okay, so this is taking waaaay longer than I thought, so I am going to end for now & maybe there will be a part 2 of this post on a latter date! Hope you enjoyed reading up on a bunch of facts-o-Laura Ashley Jackman Johnston!

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Is it possible?

How did this happen? How is it that my youngest is a PRE SCHOOLER!?! That's insaness, but he loves it! Do take notice that everyone else brought a backpack to school & my Cam brought his pink Cinderella purse. I just figure, let him do what he does & it'll all work out in the end. In the meantime though, it is quite humorous to watch! I was happy that "Ms. Amy" had room in her class this year. She grew up in the same neighborhood as I did & it's always comforting to have someone you know as your child's pre school teacher. It's fun because Sammy is in the class too & so Cam already has a buddy. His first day went really well & we'll see what I can do next week about the "purse issue". :)