Sunday, December 20, 2009

Pop Rox is Back!!!

Oh yeah! So I am going to be starting Dance back up again & I am very excited about it! This may be semi-lame, but I am using this as an advertisement of sorts! If you are interested, leave a comment with your numba, or call me- you know the digits, if you don't know the digits, leave a comment & I will contact you.I don't necessarily want to leave my numba hanging out there for any "weirdos" that may or may not blogstalk me. Probably it's just me being a Nervous Nancy, but ya know.... Anywhoo, I will be starting up mid January & having open enrollment until then. Hopefully I will hear from many of ya'll cause I miss the heck out of you! Talk/See "some" of you soon! Lovely!

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Whatever, Whatever, Whatever....

Yeah, so my "title" doesn't mean anything, at all. I'm just coming on to say Hello to everyone, to update- sorta. HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the big 31 year old on Tuesday! Can't wait to celebrate with you! You are getting so big and tall, like your Dad Lar-Bear! Love ya Mike! We are still not preggers yet, taking a little break from all of it actually. Laura + crazy hormone drugs - no baby = CRAZY LAURA & that's never too much fun for anyone really. So we are "reevaluating" for now I guess you could say. Wish I had a billion dollars so that I could go "reevaluate" in Jamaica or Paris or something like that. But for now, the mental break is kinda nice. Ramble....ramble....ramble....

Some new things that I am obsessed with lately.....

* The songs "Happy" by Leona Lewis & "I turn my camera on" by Rock Kills Kid

*The "Winter Candy Apple" Home Oil from Bath & Body Works

*The saying "Why I aught" (in a Boston accent) while holding up your fist VERY annoyingly

*The show's "Flowers Uncut"- he's genius, "The Hills"- Justin Bobby is a tool, and of course "So you think you can Dance"- where do some of those dancers come from? Amazing!

*Asiago Bagels from Harmons bakery with chive & onion cream cheese smothered on it- oh & then go talk to someone really close to their face, if they stay put or actually call you out on your horrid breath, you know that you have found a true friend.

*The book "The Hourglass Door"- liked it just as much as Twilight, or more.... if that doesn't leave you dying to read it as well, I don't know what will.

Peace up, A town down.

Sunday, September 20, 2009


So I know that I promised all of these "pics to come" & I am still not delivering. But I was getting really annoyed at myself that the picture of my face was just sitting there at the top of my blog forever. Now this will be at the top & I will sleep semi better at night. Things are good with us, still NO BIG ANNOUNCEMENTS, so without saying it, just thought I'd put it out there. Hopefully sooner than later. Thanks for all of your well wishes & prayers that you send our way, they are all felt & appreciated. So in the words of the great TuPac Shakur, in the loving song to his mother "Dear Mamma".... "You are appreciated. Don't cha know we love ya...."

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Yeah that's right I am putting up another picture of JUST ME & ONLY ME...

Well, Well, Well lookie who's updating, & since I haven't updated in ages, probably no one cares to check my sweet blog out anymore anyways. But to the uno or dos  or possibly even tres (if I'm lucky:) people that are out there....Hola! Sad fact: I still do not have the world wide web, but I am up at Snowbird & have a chance to update, so here it is. To explain the pic... Peter took some more pictures of mua & here one is, we went out to the salt flats cause he wanted to try out some cool things out with the lighting & voila goal accomplished. He's a great photog as I have mentioned before, it was fun, my friend Heidi came with me & she too is an awesome photog. See Loosli Taken & Heidi Walker Photography on my side bar & check em out. Life has been swell since my last post. It has been filled with trips to Powell (pics to come), a weekend in Park City for the 4th (sweet fireworks by-z-way), a mini vacay to our very own Salt Lake City (sometimes you just need to stay in a hotel), & many trips to Lagoon (it IS what fun is, so we got season passes this summer). My Dance classes are on "Summer Break" & so the baby making bidniss is in full swing, but still to no avail. My hopes are still high & fingers crossed (not my legs though....sorry) & it looks like invitro here we come. I'm a bweirdo. Yes I meant to put a b in front of weirdo, it makes it more  bweird! And it hornts my dreams. Most of the population won't follow any of that, I guess you have to live in Laura Land to fully comprehend. Mooooving along... Mike got a sweet b-ball court all set up in our backyard. His life long dream fulfilled, but that's just what I do, I make dreams come true. Pictures to come. Anyways, it's late & I have way to much sugar in my system. What? I have to have candy whilst playing game after game with my familia. Well back to the games, carry on..... 

Friday, April 10, 2009

Bye Bye Bye

Alrighty then! We cancelled our internet & so it's gonna be harder for me to keep up this blogging biznis, but I will try to come on & update every now & again. The End.

Monday, March 30, 2009

Ice Ice Baby

On March 13th Cam & I went on a Momma-Son date to Disney On Ice, I can' t even start to explain just how much fun we had together. Seeing Cam get to see Tinker Bell in real life was the cutest thing eva... 4eva eva, eva eva? And when she started to "fly" around, he about fell out of his seat, he said to me "Mom, MOM! I want some of her pixie dust to fly with her!" In "real life" he also got to see characters from The Lion King, The Little Mermaid, Lilo and Stitch, the rest of cast of Peter Pan & of course Micki, Minnie, Goofy, Donald & Daisy. There were so many little girls there dressed up in their princess costumes & Cam kept eyeing them down & then whispering to himself "Soooo Sparkily". But hey, he got to get a Crown with Micki ears on it & has been wearing it all over the place ever since....

What a cutie pie! And props must also go out to Mike, who that night after we got back from Disney on Ice surprised me & took me overnight downtown to the Hilton for my birthday (which was the following day, the 14th)! Thank you also to Jesse & Krista for watching the kiddos while we went & partied like it was my birfday....go, go, go Shorty, it's your Birfday, We're gonna party like like it's your birfday....

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Dancin' Pants

My Dancing Pants are back into heavy rotation! Wehoo! I started teaching dance again 2 weeks ago, & man how I had missed it! I LOVE all of my students, both new ones & ones that I taught last time. They are all so fun & just add to my love of DANCE! Here's a couple of pictures of the new studio Mike built for me (well isn't he Mr. Handy?)....

French Doors Tickle my Fancy....

For the love of POP ROX, look at those beautiful mirrors...

"and when you get the choice to sit it out or Dance... I HOPE YOU DANCE"

What can I say? That saying and that song just speak to my "soul" ;)

Many a sweat beads will transpire in this studio, much laughter will be had in this studio, many a friendships will be made in this studio, and my lifelong dream will continue to be a reality in THIS STUDIO! Now LET'S GET TO IT....and 5 6 7 8........

Monday, February 23, 2009

Birthdays, Valentines, Cavaliers...Oh My!

Here's the hizzity happity happenings of the past few weeks...


How do I have a 7 year old? I mean I must have been 10 when I had him! The Friday before his actual b-day he had a cousin's only Slumber party. For the first few hours we had almost all of the cousins, it did get a wee bit crazy laddy, but then just the "older" cousins slept over. The night was full of Pizza, cake, presents, games & more sugar. The funnest part was to see Jaden enjoying every bit of it. I am so proud of Jaden & what a good bud he is! Birthday wishes must also be extended to my Madre who Jaden shares his birth date with. Yes, my Mom did get to spend her birthday 7 years ago in a delivery room with me, watching me try to PUSH HIM OUT, PUSH HIM OUT, WAAAAY OUT! for three hours, to then just have me be wheeled out for an emergency C-Section? WHAT! He ended up being a big butterball weighing in @ 10 lb 2 oz! Who would have guessed it? Oh me, that's right, just don't try to tell my doctor, who decided to let me go over my due date by a week! He'd already obviously cooked enough in my oven, Dr. Hutchinson. But, oh la, it's 7 years later & I have a dashing young fella to show for it. If I still sound bitter towards my awful first OBGYN, well, I'm not going to answer that now, but I will warn anyone & everyone to NEVER give him business! I'm done, & sorry that I veered off course, Jaden I love you more than anything & I would go through that a zillion more times just to have you in my life!

Next, it was Valentines time! This year we made boxes as a family & put Valentines in them for each other leading up to the big day. The kids loved it! Mike & I got to go on a fun day date the day of & we went to Red Robin & then the movie "Taken", it was good. I'd give it 3 and a quarter stars out of 5.

Next up, my parents took us to see King James at the Cav's-Jazz game! It was really fun seeing him dunk that biznis in person. Mike got the sweetest picture of him throwing the chalk in the air. We could frame it & sell it on e-bay for millions....

Thanks to all of my well wishers out there while I went under the knife this past week. In case some of you didn't know I went in and got my boobs reduced & butt implants, all is looking well so far.... Oh wait, that's not what I had done, I just went in & had my Endomytriosis (sp?) removed, but that doesn't sound as exciting. I'm doing good, now let's put out "Baby Vibes" into the Universe for Sister Laura shall we?

Friday, February 6, 2009

Hey, It's Okay....

So, I was reading my "Glamour" magazine the other day & they have this page in the back every month titled "Hey, It's Okay..." & then they go on to list 8-10 things that some people may not view as okay, but they are Proclaiming to the world that, Hey, it really IS Okay! So I am going to do my own version of it. So off we go!

Hey It's Okay.....

*to think that the definition of "Eating Healthier" is only eating 2 handfuls of Peanut M & M's a day instead of a whole bag!
*to know that the "media" would print "Laura's A Whale" on the cover of US Weekly if I truly was the rock star that I imagine myself to be. But not give a crap , because the media's version of "SKINNY" is sooo out of whack it's not even funny! LEAVE JESSICA SIMPSON ALONE!
Okay, now I'm off to eat my daily meal of M & M's....
*to only have read the "Twilight" series once & still consider yourself as big of a fan as all of those that have read it 5 times or more. (What? I've wanted to move along and read other literature, also A-OKAY!:)
*to get excited every single night when the little kiddies go to sleep, you still obviously love them ta death, you just need a break!
*to change up your hair color every 6 weeks, WHY NOT.....IT'S FUN! And bonus: My hubby gets to be married to a Brunette one month & then a Red Head another, but for the most part a blond! Fun Times!
*to secretly wish that you and Jennifer Aniston were besties, well not really "secretively" because every one knows this desire of mine.
*to REALLY be PERFECTLY BLISSFUL with the "Besties" that you already have, they really are the best friends in the world! Love you all!
* to watch "The Real World, Brooklyn", "True Beauty", "The Bachelor" & "The Real Housewives of Orange County" every week, without fail!
*to sometimes wish that you looked like Nicole from "The Pussycat Dolls" Trust me, I'm as straight as an arrow, but dang, that girl is Fine! Isn't it funny how, if you are weird like me & wish sometimes that you looked like someone else, that they are usually completely opposite of what you look like. So, let's take Nicole for instance... She has looooong almost black hair, I have a "Pixie" cut & it's blond & brown, for the moment. She is ethnic & has olive brown skin, I have to self tan my way to not looking ill. She has firm abs & I flaunt a muffin top wherever I go. Ya get the idea. And while I'm at it, I want to set the record straight, I'm not making jabs at my current weight, so that all of you will jump right onto the "Make A Comment" section of my blog, & say "Oh, Laura, you are such a silly thing, you look great!" Fake smile dripping from your comment. I am grateful for the body that I have, but also am looking forward to loosing the muffin top through Dance!
* to shake your money maker & sing opera really poorly at the top of your lungs out, all while washing, rinsing, & repeating in the shower!

Monday, January 12, 2009

Late Update

Sorry for the really LATE Christmas update, but I've been lazy. We had a really nice Christmas, the boys were happy with all of their presents & I think Mike was a little too happy with one of his presents. Santa got him an official NBA basketball & I think that I may have a little competition, he loves the thing so darn much. I'm not exaggerating, this may be a little TMI, but on our Anniversary which was on the 28th of December, I'm all in the bathroom trying to get all "cute" for my huzzy that night & I peek out & he IS waiting on the bed, but to my amusment, he's holding his new basketball, just admiring away & pretending to throw it up in the air like he's shooting the game winning 3 pointer in the NBA Finals. Luckily, when I stepped out, the ball fell to the floor, Phew, I was worried momentarily. Like I said, TMI, but this is MY BLOG, and I did forewarn you all. Happy 8th Anniversary to us! And a late Happy Holidays to all of you. I am not good at all at doing the whole "Holiday Card" thing, again, I'm lazy. So this will have to do...


Now, on my side of the familia we draw names for Christmas & Mataydo happened to get Mike this year & he got him a paintball gun (I believe that it actually tied with the b-ball for Mike's favorite gift this year)! Well as soon as the present opening was finished the boys headed outside & made up a little game. Pretty basic, run across the back yard as fast as possible while somebody tries to shoot you. Spencer had the best shot of the day, managing to hit Matt ALL 4 TIMES on his turn. Mike had the next best getting Spencer twice, I believe. And I'm not saying anything about Matt's shot, but let's just say Mike didn't get a hint of Paint on him. As you will see, I posted some of the war wounds. OUCH! But they love it, it's like "I am Man, I like Gun & Welt!" Hey whatever floats ya boat, I always say....

Mike running for dear life.....
The proof is in the pudding, whatever the hay that means....
Spencer's been shot in the arm....

Man down, MAN DOWN Matayo is still the mayo on my sandwhich though!

I don't know how I got all of this space at the end of my post, nor do I know how to get rid of it, so I might as well take advantage of it!
Joey: It's a Moo Point.
Monica: A "Moo" Point?!?
Joey: Yeah, It's like a cows opinion, it dosen't really matter, It's MOO!
Rachel: Have I been living with Joey too long or did that just make sense?