Friday, May 30, 2008

Oh this is Ladies Night...

So, tonight Heidi, Hillary & I had a ladies night on the town. The first picture is our "dead sexy" picture (grrrrr) at Red Robin. I just know that our waitress was more than happy to take it of us, not to mention right after we'd had her take 2 other pictures of us. The food as well as the conversation was delicious, quite delightful. Well after dinner is when the loopiness began (did the waitress spike our Ice Waters?). We decided to go to "Baby Mamma" afterwords & per norm, we all used the ladies room when we got to the theaters. Well we were all sitting doin' our bizznis when we hear someone pass wind into their toilet & Heidi automatically assumes it's Hillary so she yells from her stall "HILLARY" & Hillary says it wasn't me & I pipe in "It wasn't me!" & so then Hillary says, "You know Heidi, there is someone else in here & she probably feels really stupid now!" Well, there was someone else in there & when she came out of her stall lets just say she didn't look none to happy. And like a bunch of kindergartner's we all were laughing under our breath as we washed our hands! Now onto the next picture of Heidi holding a dollar bill. Well we were walking down the hall to our theater & I saw this dollar bill just sittin' on the ground & instead of picking it up I just said "Well lookie there" & just kept walking. So Heidi bends over & picks it up & thought it was so funny that I wasn't even going to pick it up. So funny in fact that she had me take this picture so that we could put it up on our blogs. The dollar went to good use though, it went into our Red Vines fund. She asked me later if it had been a $10 bill or even a $5 bill if I would've picked it up & the answer Heidi is, Does a cat meow?

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Someone got a New TOY!!!

Mike is just tickled PINK today! He finally got his scooter that he has been drooling over the past couple of years! His buddy at work, JJ, buys them in bulk & so he can get a really good deal. Well about a week & a half ago he called Mike up & said he was putting in a big order, so now was the time to do it. He didn't have to ask Mike twice (although Mike had to ask me twice, or maybe just a couple more times than that, I lost count). Mike's selling pitch to me was that it gets 80 miles to the gallon, so I made him promise that he'd always wear a helmet & now he is a proud owner of a beaut of a scooter!:)

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Just Updating

Okay, so I know that I already put some pictures up of us, but I just got this one e-mailed to me today. Well, I hadn't updated in a while, so here ya have it. I actually put this up cause I was going to add the photographers blog to my "Blogging Buddies" list. So, here's my advertising bit... if you need an awesome photographer, click on the Loosli Taken link off to the right. He really does do a great job!

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Let's go Fly a Kite!

Yesterday my Mom & Dad babysat for Mike & I while we went & saw "What Happens in Vegas" (loved the movie by the way). And when we got back there was a Barbie kite on my parents table & Camren kept saying "I wanna buy it!" Well, my Madre had found it on her roof & said that Camren could have it. And why wouldn't he want it, it had Barbie on it for cryin' out loud! It had TONS of string hooked onto it originally, so Mike cut that off & ended up cutting off 2 of the streamers on it to make a "string" for Cam to hold onto. Camren loved it! He played & played with it outside. He was actually really good at running & having it go up into the air behind him & then he would fly it for awhile. So thanks Ma & Pa for babysitting (giving us an always much needed break!) & for the new kite for Cam!

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Lovin' Life!

Jaden & Camren just LOVE living with Sammy & Kyra. They basically play together from sun up to sun down. Whether it's running through sprinklers, playing cars/trucks, watching shows together or eating a refreshing popsicle (YUM!) they just love livin' with their cousins.:)

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

If looks could Kill!

I wish that I could say that this picture was staged, but sadly it was not. Anyone who knows me knows that Birthday's are a big deal to me. I love celebrating others & my own, I just loooove birthdays! Anywhoo, so on my last birthday Mike had taken me out on a really nice date & when we got back, Krista & the kids had made me an awesome cake! I was so excited, cause one of my favorite things about b-day cakes is getting to make a wish! Well I had just made a really good wish (p.s. I am really superstitious about having to blow out All of your candles for your wish to come true) & all of the sudden Mike decides to blow my candles out for me. Well Krista just happen to capture the moment on camera, because this is me honestly giving Mike the death look for blowing out my candles & therefore voiding my wish! I know, I know I am dramatic, you don't have to remind me. :) I still love ya Mike, but I still feel like you owe me a Wish!

Monday, May 19, 2008

Fun in the Sun

Today was such a blast! Jaden had the day off of school, so we decided to take advantage of that & make it a day-o-fun! This morning we went to the Dinosaur Park up at South Towne Mall, & then we went & got some pizza for lunch. When we got back the weather was sooo nice, so Krista & I put the pool & sprinkler thingamajigger out & the kids played & played. They are all tuckered out as I am writing this, taking in some Spongebob & snacks. Needless to say, I believe they will be sleeping well tonight! :)

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Send in the Goof Troops!

This is what I live with & I love it! There is nothing funner in the world than being goofy! It just makes your heart feel like it is smiling dosen't it? If there was a Goofball Club I would want to be president of it. Maybe I should start one up. :)

Friday, May 16, 2008

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun!

Here I am with my two gorgeous friends, Betsy & Adrienne! Okay, to preface this picture, about a month ago a guy from my ward (a photographer) had asked me if he could take some pictures of me to add to his portfolio. Well, it was sooo much fun & I had shown the pictures to Betsy & Adrienne when I got them back & they both said that they wanted cute pictures done of them. So, seeing of how they are both so photogenic & gorgy porgy I mentioned them to the photographer & hooked them all up. Although I really think that I hooked Peter (photographer) up more, cause now he has some awesome pictures for his portfolio! Don't you worry, I didn't get photographed all over again, they just had me jump in for a couple of pictures. It was so fun! Adrienne told me at the shoot that I should put up some of my photos from my shoot on my Blog. I told her that I felt dumb doing it, but now I figure, who really cares, the people that read this probably have already seen them anyways. So I hope that Adrienne & Betsy put some up of just them on there blogs too! Cause I know all of theres turned out amazing!

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Who wants S'more fun on Family Night?

So, Krista got an awesome Firebowl for Mothers Day, & we put it to good use on Family night! It was sooo much fun! We roasted marshmellows & sang Kumbaya all whilest Jesse seranaded us with his accoustic guitar! He's got mad skills on the guitar. The smores & the company were very ideal. The weather however could've been better- the wind was freezing! But fear not, we scooted as close to the fire as humaly possible without catching fire! It is such a Blast living with Krista & Jesse, they are too kind! Here's to more fun nights around the Firebowl!!!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Brothers Gotta Hug!

Kids say the darndest things! I wanted to get on here & put some of the funny things that my kids do & say, before I forget what they were.
Jaden: *Instead of counting down the days until something exciting, he counts down the sleeps. He'll say "Mom, How many more sleeps until my birthday?" And so on & so forth. *If Mike or I don't let Jaden have a treat when he wants he tries to make us feel guilty & say "Well you guys are just wasting your money than, cause why would you buy treats & not let me eat them?" *We tell him we love him & instead of saying Love You too, he says "Me too". *He can do the best Transformer impersonation of anyone I know & that includes sound effects & making his body look like it is really transfoming from a car into a robot & vice-versa. *He is an artist & I am not just saying this because I am his Mom, he really is, & he draws us all pictures that are so thoughtful. Because they are always of something that the person recieving the drawing likes, not just what he feels like drawing. I'll have to put up some pictures of his artwork soon.*
Camren: *Whenever he wants to get out of trouble or just make us happy he acts like a kitty cat, making his fists into "paws" & rubbing his head against us. *Even though he is almost 4 years old he still says "Hold You", instead of "Hold Me" when he wants to be held. Which I have to admit, I think it's adorable! *Up until he was about a year & a half old he made the cutest bitter beer face ever! *He makes the funniest face when he is mad (as demonstrated in the "princess" picture to the right) that makes us want to laugh every time. *Even though it worries us sometimes, there is nothing in the world Camren would rather do than dress up in sparkly dresses & high heels & dance around like a ballerina.*

I love, love, love my Boys!

Monday, May 12, 2008

We think that we are So SEXY! Um...NOT!

So to just look at this picture you would think that Mike & I take ourselves just a little too seriously. But I am telling you that that couldn't be further from the truth. One of my favorite things in this whole world to do is to laugh 'till I basically wet my pants with Mike! He is THE funniest person I have ever met! And I just so happen to be lucky enough to be married to the guy! No matter what mood I am in, he knows just how to make me Smile & for that & about a billion other reasons I love Ya Mike!

I miss POP ROX

One of the hardest parts of leaving my last house was leaving the Dance Studio that Mike had built for me. That was my dream ever since I was a little girl to have my own Dance Studio. It was so much fun!!! I loved all of the girls that came & danced with me. I really do miss it so much. I know that Mike has promised to build me another Dance Studio in our next place & I am so excited for it. I guess in the meantime I'll just have all of my fun memories of the "Original" POP ROX. All of my cute little 3-5 year olds coming every week dressed like princesses ready to soak up anything that you taught them. My 7-10 year old class, even when they would pretend that it was oppisite day every week, they always had so much energy & were so much fun! My 12-15 year old class always made me laugh so hard & they never even knew exactly how funny & beautiful they all were, even though I would try & tell them every week. Boom, Boom Ching! No one would really understand that except them! :) And finally my Adult Hip-Hop class, I looked so forward to every single thursday night. It was like our own little girls night out every week. They made that Dance class what it was- a Blast! We laughed so hard that we would cry some weeks. Sometimes it was hard to even get around to dancing because we would talk so darn much! Then we would be regretting it around performance time & have to meet a ton more just to catch up on the actual "Dancing" part, any reason to get to be together though I guess! If any of you are reading this... I know it sounds super corney but I love you guys & you all really made my first year of teaching dance just how I had always dreamed of it! It is going to be hard to top! Thanks!:)