Saturday, November 6, 2010

Anything But BASIC

This past week I was in Portland, "But why Laura?" One might ask, well patience my pretties & I will tell all. MAC, you know that sweet company that I work for? They sent me (along with 3 other girls from my counter) to what they call "Basic", my first official Bidnis trip of my life- it was sooooooo much fun!!! Flight paid for by MAC...check, Hotel paid for by MAC...check, Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner paid for by MAC...check, going to classes that I get to soak up an obscene amount of make-up knowledge & techniques & actually get paid to go to them (not the other way around, & trust me, I would have shelled out a pretty penny to attend said classes) by MAC....chigitty check! I met so many fun people who will forever be life long friends, got to go roam about the beautiful city of Portland at night & I feel like I learned so many new tips & tricks for doing make-up, what a fun week! I, of course missed my kiddo's & huzzy like crazy while I was away, it's nice to be back. But man, oh man, what an awesome experience! Now enjoy the picture overload from my trip...

      Here is some of us in MAC Heaven at the MAC store

Yours truly & my beautimus roomie, Stephanie

Here's the whole gang showing off our personalized MAC lipsticks that
 we got to make ourselves, too cool

Mua, Yolanda & Stephanie out & about our first night there

There was the cutest Yummiest frozen yogurt shop right
across the street from
 our hotel, here we are indulging...TASTY!

          First night out, just a strollin in the rain, needless to say we were singing "Umbrella" by  Rihanna all over the city that night.

Same yogurt shop, different night. Me & Vanessa fresh faced,
in jammies & lovin life!

Hate how whited out this pic is, but here we all are in front of the hotel. The cutie patuties in the middle (red hair, Shauna , to the right of her, Melissa, & to the left of me Bethany) are our trainers.


Becky said...

How fun! You totally deserve it! You look amazing- as usual. :)

Staceroo said...

Sounds fun, but I got a question. Was it a requirement for everyone to wear black for the entire trip or does that make your makeup look better or what?

Jessica said...

Hahaha!! I love Stacy's comment!! I hadn't even noticed that until she mentioned that. I also love how in second yogurt shop picture you're holding 2 cups of frozen yogurt. Awesome. Love ya! Good to have ya back!

Jessica said...
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Johnston Family said...

Yes, it's a requirement to ALWAYS wear black with MAC- no matter what! Showcases the make-up. :)

Krista said...

Looks like a lot of fun. Would have been more fun if I was there with ya, j/k! You look great and you will have to come to Yogurtland with me sometime, it is the best:)

Ku'uipo said...

Looks fun! :)

Mikesell Family said...

I'm sooooo jealous!!!

Dana said...

OMG! What an amazing experience! Freak that would be soooo fun!! Can't wait to read on your other blog all the cool tricks you learned!