Monday, December 6, 2010

May I tease you with some pictures....

No time to update lately. Between MAC, Dance (our performance is coming up THIS Saturday), Holiday stuff-o-rama & oh yeah, something that is yet to be mentioned on this blog, & this 'something' deserves a post to top all posts, with words that I have yet to find. But soon, I will get on here & pour my heart out (again), but until then, here is some pure good old randomness, summed up best by pictures.

Mike won the coveted trophy at our annual Thanksgiving Bowling of Fun.
He got the high score of
the day, 151. My Madre deserves an honorable mention with a 147!

This Halloween at MAC, the 1st day was be whatev's, I am a "Dark Fairy", very creative, I know. The 2nd day we did masks & I have no photo proof, sorry ya'll. Here I am with some of my MAC fam.

Me & Lindsey

 BEST. COSTUME. EVER. Jess was Oprah this year & she came in to my work & we got her all Oprahphied, loved it! She won most creative costume at the annual Webb family Halloween Party.
 She IS the white OPRAH!

Camren wants to be outside ALL of the time, doesn't bother him if it is only 4 flippin
degrees out, not one bit!

Here is Mike & his bud for life doing a mini triathlon, yes this is the same one he did in the summer with some of his bro's as well. I warned you that there were some random pix coming up.

 Another pic from this past summer, but I felt it needed to be present on this blog. Isn't it gorgeous? Looking out my window right now staring at a blanket of snow, I am having
warm summer day with drawls.

 Z boys chillin eatin some fries before the grand feast at the bowling alley

 Jaden being Harry Potter (well a much cuter version if I do say so myself)

 O'Gwin cousins having a slumber party with my kiddos last time they were out here

Peace Out!


Jessica said...

First off- thanks for mentioning... AND posting a picture of me on your blog. I feel special. A wig really would've made it that much cooler. Oh la- it was pretty great how it was.

Second off- LOVE the fact that Camren and Jaden...not Lise and Aly... are wearing a flower headband. Awesome.

I love the picture of Mike with the trophy. FABULOUS!! (In Bill from Little Couple voice.)

All in all- great post.

Jess said...

While mike's bowling score was quite impressive, you somehow failed to mention what your score was.

Staceroo said...

Oh yeah, lovin' the random pics - and that my kids were in some of them. Made us all super excited to see you in like 3 days!!

And Jess as Oprah . . . a little out there . . .