Monday, November 8, 2010

Be Weird

Be weird. It's funner to be weird anyways.

Make a funny sound for no good reason, other than to hear what comes out of your mouth.

Look in a mirror & try to make the craziest face known to man & see if you would still recognize yourself if you passed yourself by on the street. If you wouldn't, mission accomplished.

Take a piece of American cheese & throw it at the fridge & see how long it sticks. Crappy fake cheese.

Always have some random rap song playing in your head while walking up & down the aisle's of Wal-mart. You will feel like you are in a runway show rap video & it'll make going to that black hole; where I swear they need stop lights on every aisle just to accommodate all of us that get lured in by their low prices (curse them) a wee bit more of a sunny spot in your day.

Utter things like "G'day Mate", "That's old hat" & "Stupendous!" throughout the day.

Ask for an extra straw at a restaurant & put both of the straws in your mouth, in front of your top teeth, behind your lips & pretend you're a Walrus. Gets Mike every time...

Walk around your house spritzing cologne in the air, so it will smell like a Holister store instead of a house.

Call up a friend & instead of starting out with the old 'How are you doing?' question, genuinely ask them if there refrigerator is running, more than likely they will say yes & then even if they were having a bad day, well at least their fridge still works. (I know where you all thought that was going, but no crank call jokes, just weirdness today.)

Play the game "Sorry" & whenever you actually 'Sorry' someone back to their home base say "Did I DO THAT?" in your best Steave Urkle voice (Mike does this ALL of the time & not just in the game 'Sorry'. Come to think of it this is a very annoying thing to do, not weird, but annoying).

People watch whenever you can, I will take my breaks at work & while I am indulging in what can only be described as a small slice of heaven at the Nordstrom Cafe, I sit back & people watch. There is a lot of weird people out there & I like it. The more of us the better.


Jessica said...

I can attest to the annoyance of "Did I DO THAT?" Ugh- I should've never told Mike that bothers me. One of the stupidest things I ever did do!

I would LOVE to see you fling cheese at your fridge.

People watching is awesome.

Becky said...

It must be so much fun to be you!

Staceroo said...

Laura, how often do you touch base at our planet? Glad you help the rest of us find all the little joys in our day that might otherwise pass us by . . .

Wendi and Eric and Crew said...

OH L to the a to the ura, how i do miss you so! I was surfing the web, and i just so happened to be hoping from the depths of my soul that when i got on blogspot there would be a new post from you, and vuala (pretty sure i butchered that word) there was a fantasmicly funny post by my favorite Laura! I love you so much, and i've totally been thinking of you! Thanks for posting and making me smile, i love your weirdness, and i love it even more when i get to be weird with you so we should definitely play soon! Love ya tons, tell the fam hello from me!