Sunday, June 29, 2008

Vegas Baby Yeah! (Insert Austin Powers Accent)

Okay, so we actually spent the weekend in Mesquite, but we drove into Vegas for the day & it's the only place we happened to get any pictures. It was such a blast! We went with 3 other couples, Betsy & Gentry, Adrienne & Ian, and Candace & Steve and here's the big part....NO KIDS!!! Thanks Mom & Dad for watching our wee ones! Betsy & Gentry have a condo @ Mesquite & they were so nice to let us all come & stay there. We drove down & we had a "Girls Only" car & a "Guys Only" car, we stopped in Cedar City for some Chilli's for dinner & then made it to Mesquite around 9:00. The next morning all of the guys went out golfing (in 108 degree weather mind you), while us girls went & chilled at the pool- so relaxing! Then we came back, had some naps & headed to Vegas! So much fun, the picture up top is all of us eating at a diner in one of the hotels. The second one down was this awesome guy that acted like a robot & he was hilarious!We also got to go & watch the fountains at the Belagio, loved it! They are so awesome & fun to watch! We also had so many funny stories come about from our trip, & as expected most of them involved Mike. Lets just say he went over to the casinos & got into trouble like 4 times, & he wasn't even gambling! It was seriously just so much fun & I loved all the people that we went with!

Wednesday, June 25, 2008


20 Year Tag
20 Years Ago...
1. I was 7 years old
2. I was living in Guadalajara, (Spelling?) Mexico
3. I was playing Kissing Tag with a boy named Javier
4. I was very tan from swimming every darn day
5. I was obsessed with "Fake Nails"
10 Years Ago...
1. I was 17 years young
2. I had a "serious" boyfriend, but I'm not sure which one :)
3. I was working at Village Baker, Yum!
4. I was loving being able to drive, even if it was just my parents '89 Pontiac Grand Am
5. I was sluffin' a lot (sorry Mom)
5 Years Ago...
1. I was 22 years of age
2. I had gotten married (at the innocent age of 19, hey...I was almost 20!)
3. I had a 1 year old "little bud" (that's what I used to call Jaden)
4. I was living in a one bedroom apartment in West Valley City
5. I was touring with Britney Spears as a back-up dancer....j/k, I just had to see if you were really paying attention.
3 Years Ago...
1. I was 24
2. I was living in our beautiful house in The Oaks (W.J.)
3. I had a new bouncing ball-o-joy Camren
4. I started doing Freelance work for M-A-C
5. I cut all of my hair off (well technically that was really a little over 4 years ago)
1 Year Ago...
1. I was 26 anos
2. I was teaching dance in my Studio called "Pop Rox"
3. I was trying to get preggers again (no luck yet)
4. I was sending Jaden off to Kindergarten- so much for calling him my "little" bud!
5. I was serving in Jr. Nursery
So far this year...
1. I'm the big Two Seven
2. We sold our house :(
3. We moved into Krista & Jesse's Basement :)
4. Met a lot of awesome people in our new ward
5. Had back surgery
Yesterday I...
1. Was miraculously still 27!
2. Went to the doctors (see 1 year ago, #3)
3. Cleaned my room
4. Watched the Premier of "Wipeout" -Hilarious by the way
5. Read some of "The Host"
Today I...
1. Ran a BUNCH of errands
2. Drove thru the Temple Parking lot, just to look at it with Cam
3. Got Wendy's Drive thru for lunch
4. I'm going to watch So You Think You Can Dance
5. Made a To Do list of stuff to be done tomorrow
Tomorrow I will...
1. Be one day closer to 28
2. Go to the Design Center & pick out all of the fun stuff for our new house
3. Get everything ready for our upcoming Vacations
4. Register our cars, Hopefully
5. Eat something or other
In the Next Year I will...
1. Have another Birthday- Wehoo!
2. Move into our new house
3. Let's all cross our fingers & our toes that I will be pregnant
4. Celebrate our 8 year Anniversary
5. Start teaching Dance again!
Thanks for the Tag Ruthanne! I tag Heidi, Natelli, Amy & Alyse- you heard me ladies, now get to it :)

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Um, You look like Bob Saget

So, I just HAD to do a post about this, because I find it Hilarious! Ever since Mike & I have been married people have told him that he looks like Bob Saget! He of course hates this. Who wouldn't, Bob Saget is a WEIRDO! So it seemed like every week or so Mike would come home & be like "Oh yeah, someone else told me I look like Bob S. again today" & we'd just laugh it off. But it all came to a head when a few years back Mike had to go on a Spring trip to Mexico for school. Well me & the boys went & picked him up from the airport & on the way home Mike says to me "You'll never guess what a Mexican told me" & I said "What?" & he said "He told me I look like flippin' Bob Saget!!!" I, of course just burst out laughing so hard! How funny is that? And, for the record, I think that Mike is waaaaaaaay better looking than Bob Saget & in fact Bob Saget should wish that people would come up to him & say "Hey, you look like a really ugly version of Mike Johnston!"

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Home Sweet Home

Alrighty Than! So with everything being up & then down, on & then off with the whole building on our lot thing- We have finally actually came to a decision!!! We are no longer building on our lot, instead we are having good ol' D.R. Horton build us a house! It is beautiful & I feel really good about our decision, I feel like it's where we are supposed to be. So the whole "building process" should be starting shortly & we should be in by Thanksgiving! Mike & I are so excited!!! Mike's dad Larry is the sweetest guy I know, cause he offered to buy our lot back from us & I believe that he is just going to try to sell it. What a blessing, Truly!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008


Happiness is..... Slaughtering the Lakers!!!! I was so happy with my Boston Celtics last night that I literally jumped up on our coffee table & started doing a "Happy Dance", Mike in turn looked at me as if I'd lost my mind, but do ya think I cared...Of course not, I was too dang Excited! All I have to say is.... GO CELTICS!!!

Monday, June 16, 2008

If you ain't LAUGHING, Then you ain't LIVING

So this is kind of a random post, but I watched "The Bucket List" the other night & one of the things on Morgan Freeman's list of things to do before he dies was to laugh until he cries. While even though I think that this is a great goal to have, I also thought that it was kind of sad, because if he had made that a goal, then obviously he had never done it before in his life. I know that it was just a movie, but as I have mentioned before in my blogging, Laughing 'til I cry is one of my favorite things in the whole wide world! I never feel as refreshed & rejuvenated as when I've just laughed my heart out! It's the best feeling in the world. Plus I have always felt that laughing bonds me with other people somehow. And as many of you know, I am the type of person who if I am trying to re-tell a story & I think that it is funny, I can barely get through the story because I am laughing so hard & no one can even understand what I am saying. So then they look at me like I am crazy & then that makes me laugh even harder! I apparently am also the person who thinks things are really funny when others around me don't find them as humorous. In that case I always think that it is just their loss for not seeing the humor in it & therefore missing out on the opportunity to laugh. So here is to Laughing a little more & a little harder every day!:)

Wednesday, June 11, 2008


Jaden had his Field Trip to the Zoo today & I was his "Chaperon". It was so much fun, I could've just died when I realized that I had forgotten my camera. Man!!! So the bottom picture is him right when we got back & he still has his cute "Zoo Badge" on. I said to Jaden "Smile" & he's all "I am Mom" & this is the picture we got. I guess that this is Jaden's new smile! It really was such a fun day with him though (a little chilly, but at least it didn't rain on us). We got to ride up on the bus together & luckily we are still alive, the bus driver was CRAZY! I felt like I was going to fly into the next seat every turn she took. Once we got up there I was only assigned to Jaden & one other boy. The animals were more active than I have seen them in the past, I think cause it was colder. We did the whole train ride thing, ate our sack lunches & headed back home. Good Times had by All!

Monday, June 9, 2008


Today I cashed in my Mini Day Spa gift certificate that Mike had gotten me for Christmas @ the Sanctuary! It was so relaxing to say the least. I got a facial (my first ever & hopefully not my last-I loved it!), then I got an hour long deep tissue massage- so nice, really worked out all of my knots. And finally I got a pedicure, something about pedicures that just makes you feel all girly-girl. And I am a self-proclaimed "Girly-girl", I guess it's better than being a girly-man, Am I right Ladies? Anywhoo, if you have the means to ever get any treatments done at the Sanctuary I would highly recommend it. They totally pamper you there....Loves it!

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Get 'er Done

That a boy Garnett! I was so happy when Boston not only beat the Lakers in game 1 tonight, but that they beat them by 10! Shwing! I love me some Kevin Garnett! So lets all put some positive energy going out to the Celtics that they can keep up this winning streak & take the title! All the way baby, all the way!!!

Wednesday, June 4, 2008


Don't you worry, I do realize that I just put up a post about the whole "Twilight Craze" but I just saw the new cover of Breaking Dawn on Barnes & Noble's website today & so I of course had to copy & paste the picture & put it up on my blog! I love the cover! I know that they say to not judge a book by it's cover, but that's all I really have to go off of as of now & my judgement is that it's going to be a winner. :)

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Jess-The Graduat!

My "baby" sister graduated from High School today! I guess she's not really a baby anymore, hasn't been for a while, but still it seems hard to believe that she is all done with High School & is on to bigger & better things. She is such the little smarty pants that one. She graduated with a 4.0 & got basically a full ride scholarship at Westminster. I couldn't be any more proud of her than I already am! She asked me if I would come & do her make-up this morning for the big event. I always have so much fun doing her make-up for special events, she is just so naturally gorgeous & it is fun to just sit & talk to her while I'm doing it. A lot of you out there that may or may not be reading this know Jessica & others don't. I can pretty much guarantee that if you are one of the lucky ones that knows or even has ever met her, she has had some sort of impact on your life. I am a completely different person because of having her as my sister. Even though she was born physically handicapped she's never let it get in her way. She has accomplished so much already & has the sweetest, strongest spirits of any one I have ever known. I could go on & on about Jess & how much she means to me, but I am already starting to cry writing this & thinking about it. So I will just say this, I consider myself to be one of the luckiest girls on the planet to not only know you but to be able to call you my sister. I love you Jess (if you're reading this) & thanks for being such an awesome example to us all! :)

Monday, June 2, 2008

Superdee Duper Excited!!!

Oh My Goodness! Were any of you watching the MTV Awards Pre-show last night? Okay, so I didn't really watch it live last night either, but I sure as heck DVR'd it & watched it this morning. Anywhoo they interviewed the actors that are playing Edward & Bella in Twilight! I was so skeptical about who they had chosen for Edward at first (I mean let's be honest, who could really ever live up to what we all had imagined in our own heads as we read all about his perfectness?) but now I am converted to Edward! He was sooooo cute in the interview & in the previews that I have seen. Love him now!!! I wasn't too impressed with Bella from the interview, she seemed a little stuck up, but who knows, maybe she's just shy or something. We'll give her the benefit of the doubt-for now. I hope you all saw it, cause they also had Stephanie Myers introduce a clip from the movie. Looks Awesome! Can't Wait!!!