Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Numero One Hundred-O

This is officially my 100th post on this blog (as a hush falls over the crowd), so I better be making it special. Well, I haven't been on here in a while (for good reason, I've been a busy little bee) so I have like, 100 things to catch you up on. On your mark, get set...... GOOOOO!

1. I officially am working (part time) at the MAC counter, Loving it thus far!

2. At my tender age of 29 I finally took the leap & pierced my ears (I can hear all of my familia
letting out a shriek right about now).I am soo excited for my 6 weeks of wearing studs to be up,
so I can get to the 'fun stuff' in the earring world.

3. Cam's Birthday was yesterday...can't believe my BABY is 6!!!

4. Cam started Kindergarten last week. Can't believe my BABY is in Kindergarten!!!

5. Jaden is a BIG 3rd grader... when does time get away from me so quickly?

6. We got a kitten & he lasted all of one day at our house. He was super cute, white hair, blue eyes (just like my boys) & we named him Boston. But after both of Jaden's eyes swelling completely shut from just being in the same room as him, we sadly had to give him back.

7. Mike was in a mini triathlon & KILLED it! He finished like 26th or something out of like 350!
Go MJ! And now he has 'the bug'. I have a feeling that this will be the first of many for him.
I am so proud of my Mike & who knows, maybe someday I'll join him on some of his new adventures in physical fitness. That remains to be seen...

8. My mother & father in law left to the MTC yesterday. They are going to be serving a
 mission inthe New Hampshire, Massachusetts mission at a Joseph Smith historical site
 in Vermont. They are going to be amazing!!!
I love them both so much & am going to miss them terribly.
But I KNOW that is where the Lord has need for them now.

9. Bonus for me on where they are serving their mission: when Mike & I go & visit them, we will travel to Boston & go to a Celtics game at none other than 'The Garden'. Wishes being granted left & right.

10. I am starting dance up again next week. Super excited. Can't wait to see all of my cutie patutie dancers again. They have been missed.

11. Sorry, nothing to report on the 'baby' front. (Just in case you were wondering)

12. Went to 2 fantabulous concerts this summer (both at USANA) The first was Jack Johnson. Me & Bree went together & it was a blast!!!! Love Jack J! Love to say that I actually have sang along with him LIVE! Have too many funny 'drunk men' at the concert stories. I'll just leave it at Drunk Guys at Jack Johnson Concerts are Insane!!! The 2nd concert was Dave Matthews Band! Double date with Krista & Jesse (thanks again my loves), & lets just say I think that I smelled enough Pot that night, that I went home with the munchies.... Loved the company at both concerts, Loved the outdoorsyness, loved it all!

13. Went to "Eat Pray Love" twice! Loved it both times. Found it inspiring. Some of the peeps that I
 went with the 2nd time didn't love it like I did. As a matter of fact, I think they loathed it. Sorry in laws.

14. I got a new bedding set!! So cute, feel like I am in a Hotel every time I slip into bed at night. I had my other bedding for 8 years & have been wanting something new & fresh the last couple years. Found a bargain on something I LOVE at TJ Maxx & the rest is history.

15-100. I won't bore you to tears... leave 'em wanting more Laura..... always leave them wanting more.

Friday, August 6, 2010


'I want you to notice, when I'm not around'

I love those lyrics from Radioheads 'Creep', maybe I am just a bweirdo (me, weird?....) but, I mean really, don't we all kinda feel that way? Wouldn't it feel nice for people to notice when you're not around? Like, hey, where's (your name inserted here)? I don't think anyone likes to feel invisible, like it makes no difference to the people around them whether they are present in their life or not. For example, I totally notice it when someone- Anyone, is missing from a Sunday dinner at either sides of the Family. When Spence (my bro) & Tiffany (my sis in law) have their week to be with her side of the fam (which is obviously tot's understandable) I'm missing them & their funness that they bring to the Jackman abode. (Don't worry- rest of my family- I too very much notice when any of you are missing too, I was just giving an example) Or, on Mike's side of the familia, it's definitely pure insanity when everyone is there, but that is sooo much fun! I look forward to seeing everyone, I get a wee bit sad when I realize that it's Krista & Jesse's off week, or the Burges or what not. I just DEFINITELY NOTICE when peeps in my life aren't around. Am I making a dollop of daisy sense? And I would hope that my familia/friends maybe notice when I'm not around, just for the sake that maybe that means that I actually have somewhat of a positive influence over those around me & that I am not just a waste, where people go...'Oh, Laura wasn't here? I didn't even notice'.... Randomness, I know & I kinda feel like I am putting myself out there a bit by even proclaiming this little inside my headness thingamajigger. Some other random stuff I've noticed lately:
              * Men, boyz, boyz II men, however you want to put it, think that fluffing (passing wind, farting, ahem) is like the funniest thing on the planet. I get it, it's natural, whatevs & a lot of times it makes a silly noise, but the joke is really just always on me, cause now I get the pleasure of smelling a smell that should only immediately be flushed down a toilet. PeeUUU!

              * That somehow, I've realized that some people think that I am 'quiet'. What? Me quiet? They just must not know me too well. I always am surprised when I am sitting around crackalackin some jokes with someone, you know, just fun this & that banter, & they say to me "Laura, I had NO idea that you were like this!" I guess I get it, around some people, some people (no, not you) intimidate me, so I probably am a bit quieterstererer around them. Or maybe you just mostly see/talk to me in Sacrament meeting or heck, z county Library for that matter, but those places I would just be a jackhole if I wasn't quiet. For the most part I am loud & obnoxious & not the least bit sorry about it. And if we aren't in a Chapel or Library setting & I still appear quiet, then Congrats, you probably are one of the people that intimidates me a bit. :)

              * No matter how old I get, I still get unnaturally excited when a teacher brings treats as 'part of their lesson' in church. So, of course, I will always be coming up with some sort of snack whenever it is my turn to teach the lesson in Young Women's. There is something about being in a place that doesn't have a pantry or fridge full of food, that makes food (of any kind) look like the most tastiest thing you've ever laid eyes on.

            * That this whole Blogosphere thing keeps dwindling & dwindling. Not as many comments come into the comment box as there used to, not as many people updating their blog as often as they used to, not as many people even blogging at all anymore. A tear rolls silently down my left cheek ;) But on the reals, yo, I still love this whole blogging thing & I miss a lot of you & miss reading your random thoughts on your own blogs & heck, I am just going to be selfish, & your random thoughts in my comment box....

           * That painting my own nails is both so relaxing & the most frustrating thing ever at the same time. Not too many things have that combo.

          * That I invest WAY to much of my personal emotions into reality stars (and I guess just famous people in general) lives. Why oh why do I give such a hoot when the couples from The Bachelor don't make it? I mean really, did I really think that it was going to last anyways? It's like they are my personal BFF's & I discuss them at length with my real life BFF's, strange. But still fun, none the less, so I will carry on in the tradition of being a sucker for these things. Gotta love it.

         * That if you lay down in a bed, lights off, eyes shut long enough, you really will eventually fall asleep... even if it is a few hours later & you feel like you have lost at least a thousand brain cells telling yourself over & over again to FALL ASLEEP!

         * That I waste so much milk every time I decide to actually have milk with my cereal (I normally just eat it dry). I take a spoonful, drain out the excess milk & then eat the bite of cereal, by the time the cereal is gone, there is basically a full bowl of milk & there is no way that I am going to drink it on it's own, so it goes down the drain, right before the bowl goes into the dishwasher.

         * That 'love at first sight' really is possible. I noticed this the other day. My older sister Stacy had her fourth baby & Jess (my younger sister) sent me a simple text with a picture of my new niece (they live in Cali & my Ma, Pa, & Jess went out there for when she had the baby) & I took one look at her & I haven't even had the chance to meet her, just seen the one picture, but I already felt such a strong love for her. And that proves the theory of 'love at first sight'.

Monday, August 2, 2010


It's that time!!!! Yay! I am having open registration for DANCE now!!! Call & sign up, it is going to be a blast & a half!!! I do classes from 3 years to Adult & charge $30 a month. I mostly focus on Hip Hop & Modern dance styles. So, please give me a call today if you are interested, classes beginning Sept 7th!!!

Dance Studio
Hope to hear from you soon! :)