Friday, November 28, 2008

Happy Turkey Lurkey Day!

What a fabulous Thanksgiving! The day started out with our tradition of bowling with our cousins, The Scott's, & an honorary guest, my Grandma Webb! It was so much fun & it is always great to get caught up with the cousins. My Dad took the high score of the day with 162! Go Dad! Oh & check out Mike's fine form in the second picture, He looks like a pro (his words not mine)! Next, it was off to my parents house for the shoving of food into the mouth activity...Very Yummy! Thanks Madre! And we finished off with a night full of games, I'd have to say "American Idol" was the hit of the night, nothing like singing horribly together to really unite a family, Eh? :) Mike & I couldn't stop talking about how much fun we had had the whole ride home, I think that the word "Fun" was used 14 times.... at least my friends. But in all seriousness, I am very greatfull for ALL of my family & friends, I am truly blessed!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008


So we finally have internet again! Weeeehoooo! Happy! Happy! Joy! Joy! Anywhoo, let's all take a minute to gaze over my fine huzzy Mike.... I LOVE this picture of him! And if any of you were here on my blog with me from the get go, you'll remember that this picture used to be up on the sidebar of my blog. Sadly, a while ago I took it down, but now... It has returned! Sweet! Not only did Mike & some buddies from work dress up like this last Jazz season, but they actually WENT to the games like so. Very Chic! :) I am posting this picture again, well as you can tell, cause it's flippin' awesome & 2nd, in honor of Mike's 30th birthday! Happy Birthday on November 10th! Yes, obviously this is late, we did not have the world wide web....Remember? It was a great low key birthday this year, which the "low key" part was hard for me, have you also forgotten how much I ADORE birthdays? But that's what Mr. Mike wanted, & "What my baby wants, my baby gets"! (What movie is that from?)*
Now, onto the very important topic of...dandannanaaa.... Twilight, The Movie! LOOOOOVED it! Loved the cast, Loved the music, LOVED IT! Loved the people that I went with (you all know who you are)! What a fun & crazy night. Fun part: All of it! Crazy part: Going to the bathroom in the Men's room cause the Women's line was basically a mile long. Coming out of the stall, having two "Men" walk in & decide to just urinate then & there at the urinal right in front of my virgin eyes! I guess I was on their territory though, & surely enough, they marked it! Krista was in with me for the blessed event & we couldn't stop laughing! Crazy, Fun Night!
*P.S. It was from "The Break-Up"

Sunday, November 2, 2008


Shame on me, I've been a BAD blogger! But we are finally all moved into our new casa de blanca!! And sad news (well for me anywhoo) we don't have Internet in our new place. So it looks like it might be "Peace Out" for a bit on the blogging. I'll try to come on & do some posts here & there over here at my Mom's house (where I am currently posting this)!And I will try to get some pic's up of the house ASAP. And to answer Robyn's question from the previous post... Yes my sister did get her wheelchair stolen, but they found it a week later! Crazy business, but everything is all good now. Love you all. Hugs & Kisses & I hope to get caught up with everyone soon!