Tuesday, November 16, 2010

I mean...

You know how I said in my last post that we were going to the Greg Laswell concert on Friday night? Well we did. And it was more than TERRIFIC! Here is the play by play:

Arrive at the hole in the wall venue (which I adored, would love to see all of my favorite
artists play at The Avalon) just 10 minutes before they open the doors. Magically we are like 12th in line.

Run  in & nab 2nd row seats! My dream come true...literally.

About 20 minutes later the first act comes on, some random dude I've never heard of, but am amply impressed by his voice & lyrics, all accousticy & such.

Then, the 2nd act comes on, randomness to the 10th degree. A local Provo band. I could end my explanation of the band right there & you all would have a perfect image of who they were. Mike & I were giggling like 6th grade girls the whole time they were performing. It was awesome.

3rd band comes on, set's up some new, definitely improved equipment on stage & introduces themselves as "Haper Blynn", hate to say it but Mike & I were a bit skeptical of them to say the least. And then, they started to perform, won us over instantly! I was just a bobbin my head & a tappin my foot the whole time they were on stage. We LOVE them! Turns out they were going to be ol' Greggy Poo's band & back-up singers for the night as well. Mike bought their 2 CD's immediately after they had performed & before Greg came on stage. Later the whole band signed them for me. The lead singer simply wrote "Laura! Saw you boppin'! Jay" Melt...

Greg comes on stage & my heart grows 3 times it's normal size. He put on one of the best live shows I've ever seen. He was equally parts charming, funny & of course talented. I felt as if he was singing just to me for most of the show (oh the benefit's of sitting 2nd row)

After the show was over Harper Blynn & Mr Greg Laswell himself come out & take pictures with people & sign autographs...I truly did not want the night to end.

Hers is Greg, doing what he does best, serenading me, sigh...

I wanted to um, stand out, so I asked him to do a goofy picture with me instead of the 'smiley' pix I saw everyone else asking him to do. He humored me, & can I just say that mine was the only one he asked to see how the picture had turned out? Standing out mission accomplished!

And here I am with Harper Blynn, sorry the pix aren't the greatest, only had my phone on me to capture such sweet sweet moments...

If you haven't yet heard of Greg Laswell, check him out, he truly is a hidden gem. And for sure look up Haper Blynn while you are at it, it'll be worth your time, I promise.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Thirty to the Two & ya don't stop

 Happy Birthday Mike!!!
(Photo courtesy of Mike, being Mike, pretending to be me at Lake Powell this summer)

Mike turned the big 3-2 yesterday & we spent the day sleeping in, having doughnuts as our breakfast of champions, lunch at Kneaders & strolling around Barnes & Noble (one of our fave past times) & then getting Pizza for dinner while watching Jazz BEAT Orlando. Very laid back & relaxing, just the way Mikey Likey. The celebrating is being drawn out till tomorrow though, as we are going to the Greg Laswell concert tomorrow night. So excited for that, I adore Greg Laswell & his beautiful man voice.

32 things I ADORE about Mike

1. He is super goofy (refer to picture above if proof is needed)

2. He is so great with kids. One of the first things that made me fall in love with him, when we were first dating, was watching him play with his nieces & nephews, so cute!

3. He makes me & the boys pancakes every Sunday morning.

4. Whenever I am sitting on the couch, he'll come into the room, grab a cozy blanket & wrap it around me, just in case I am a little chilly.

5. He built my beautiful Dance Studio for me (now that's a dream maker right there)

6. He lets me cry whenever & for however long I need on his shoulder

7. Even when my hair looks like I just stuck my finger in a light socket, & I am in ratty old sweats without a stitch of make-up on, he looks at me & says "Man you're beautiful!" Makes my day, even if he is lying through his teeth.

8. He is obsessed with basketball & is an awesome player. He IS the white Michael Jordan.

9. He researches every purchase that he ever makes. And I mean RESEARCH.

10. He is the Best Dad to our two little boys. So hands on & loving. I am more & more impressed with him everyday I see him with them.

11. He changes the words to almost every song that I am ever singing.

12. He reads his scriptures every single night, no matter how tired he is.

13. He'll watch chick flicks with me.

14. He ALWAYS remembers the important dates (birthdays, anniversaries, valentines etc..)

15. He supports me in my dreams & ambitions

16. He helps clean the bathrooms

17. He gets just as excited for the holidays as I do

18. After making fun of the movie "Phantom of the Opera" the first 40 minutes of me MAKING him watch it with me, it has now become one of his favorite movies of all time.

19. He could sit & draw floor plans all day if time allowed

20. He works so darn hard for our family

21. He is more than respectful to his parents

22. He makes me laugh until I cry on a regular basis

23. He's the first one to volunteer when any one is in need of help

24. He gets along with my family so well that sometimes I wonder if they get more excited to see him than me, pretty sure the answer to that is yes, & I would agree with them. I would definetly get more excited to see him over me any day of the week.

25. He doesn't complain when our dinner for the night is cereal... again.

26. He was there for me month after excrushiating month that I didn't get pregnant. Just there to listen, cry with, take my mind off of it, get me flowers, the list goes on & on.

27. He knows just how important birthdays are to me

28. He loves taking on a challenging game of Soduku

29. He's worthy & willing to give me a Priesthood blessing whenever I am in need of one

30. He does the funniest dance moves for me whenever I am jamming to my music in my bathroom getting ready to go out.

31. He encourages me to go on 'Girls Nights' with my girls. Which means a lot, cause I've seen some girls have to practically beg their husbands for a night out.

32. Because he is just HIM, plain & simple (refer to picture above, if needed)

Monday, November 8, 2010

Be Weird

Be weird. It's funner to be weird anyways.

Make a funny sound for no good reason, other than to hear what comes out of your mouth.

Look in a mirror & try to make the craziest face known to man & see if you would still recognize yourself if you passed yourself by on the street. If you wouldn't, mission accomplished.

Take a piece of American cheese & throw it at the fridge & see how long it sticks. Crappy fake cheese.

Always have some random rap song playing in your head while walking up & down the aisle's of Wal-mart. You will feel like you are in a runway show rap video & it'll make going to that black hole; where I swear they need stop lights on every aisle just to accommodate all of us that get lured in by their low prices (curse them) a wee bit more of a sunny spot in your day.

Utter things like "G'day Mate", "That's old hat" & "Stupendous!" throughout the day.

Ask for an extra straw at a restaurant & put both of the straws in your mouth, in front of your top teeth, behind your lips & pretend you're a Walrus. Gets Mike every time...

Walk around your house spritzing cologne in the air, so it will smell like a Holister store instead of a house.

Call up a friend & instead of starting out with the old 'How are you doing?' question, genuinely ask them if there refrigerator is running, more than likely they will say yes & then even if they were having a bad day, well at least their fridge still works. (I know where you all thought that was going, but no crank call jokes, just weirdness today.)

Play the game "Sorry" & whenever you actually 'Sorry' someone back to their home base say "Did I DO THAT?" in your best Steave Urkle voice (Mike does this ALL of the time & not just in the game 'Sorry'. Come to think of it this is a very annoying thing to do, not weird, but annoying).

People watch whenever you can, I will take my breaks at work & while I am indulging in what can only be described as a small slice of heaven at the Nordstrom Cafe, I sit back & people watch. There is a lot of weird people out there & I like it. The more of us the better.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Anything But BASIC

This past week I was in Portland, "But why Laura?" One might ask, well patience my pretties & I will tell all. MAC, you know that sweet company that I work for? They sent me (along with 3 other girls from my counter) to what they call "Basic", my first official Bidnis trip of my life- it was sooooooo much fun!!! Flight paid for by MAC...check, Hotel paid for by MAC...check, Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner paid for by MAC...check, going to classes that I get to soak up an obscene amount of make-up knowledge & techniques & actually get paid to go to them (not the other way around, & trust me, I would have shelled out a pretty penny to attend said classes) by MAC....chigitty check! I met so many fun people who will forever be life long friends, got to go roam about the beautiful city of Portland at night & I feel like I learned so many new tips & tricks for doing make-up, what a fun week! I, of course missed my kiddo's & huzzy like crazy while I was away, it's nice to be back. But man, oh man, what an awesome experience! Now enjoy the picture overload from my trip...

      Here is some of us in MAC Heaven at the MAC store

Yours truly & my beautimus roomie, Stephanie

Here's the whole gang showing off our personalized MAC lipsticks that
 we got to make ourselves, too cool

Mua, Yolanda & Stephanie out & about our first night there

There was the cutest Yummiest frozen yogurt shop right
across the street from
 our hotel, here we are indulging...TASTY!

          First night out, just a strollin in the rain, needless to say we were singing "Umbrella" by  Rihanna all over the city that night.

Same yogurt shop, different night. Me & Vanessa fresh faced,
in jammies & lovin life!

Hate how whited out this pic is, but here we all are in front of the hotel. The cutie patuties in the middle (red hair, Shauna , to the right of her, Melissa, & to the left of me Bethany) are our trainers.