Wednesday, May 21, 2008

If looks could Kill!

I wish that I could say that this picture was staged, but sadly it was not. Anyone who knows me knows that Birthday's are a big deal to me. I love celebrating others & my own, I just loooove birthdays! Anywhoo, so on my last birthday Mike had taken me out on a really nice date & when we got back, Krista & the kids had made me an awesome cake! I was so excited, cause one of my favorite things about b-day cakes is getting to make a wish! Well I had just made a really good wish (p.s. I am really superstitious about having to blow out All of your candles for your wish to come true) & all of the sudden Mike decides to blow my candles out for me. Well Krista just happen to capture the moment on camera, because this is me honestly giving Mike the death look for blowing out my candles & therefore voiding my wish! I know, I know I am dramatic, you don't have to remind me. :) I still love ya Mike, but I still feel like you owe me a Wish!


Natelli Johnston said...

ahahaha! that is too funny! I love your guote today.

Hillary Corpuz said...

that is hilarious!! I agree though, you totally have to blow out ALL your OWN candles in order for it to happen! DAMMIT MIKE!

Didja get ahold of Heidi ho?

TKA said...

Happy Birthday! How old are you?! :) Birthdays are a big deal for me too. That is a funny picture.
I love your blog...there are always new posts! Good job!

amy said...

Mike what are you doing? Somethings you just don't mess around with! :) I don't think I've ever seen Laura look mad before. scary.:)