Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Brothers Gotta Hug!

Kids say the darndest things! I wanted to get on here & put some of the funny things that my kids do & say, before I forget what they were.
Jaden: *Instead of counting down the days until something exciting, he counts down the sleeps. He'll say "Mom, How many more sleeps until my birthday?" And so on & so forth. *If Mike or I don't let Jaden have a treat when he wants he tries to make us feel guilty & say "Well you guys are just wasting your money than, cause why would you buy treats & not let me eat them?" *We tell him we love him & instead of saying Love You too, he says "Me too". *He can do the best Transformer impersonation of anyone I know & that includes sound effects & making his body look like it is really transfoming from a car into a robot & vice-versa. *He is an artist & I am not just saying this because I am his Mom, he really is, & he draws us all pictures that are so thoughtful. Because they are always of something that the person recieving the drawing likes, not just what he feels like drawing. I'll have to put up some pictures of his artwork soon.*
Camren: *Whenever he wants to get out of trouble or just make us happy he acts like a kitty cat, making his fists into "paws" & rubbing his head against us. *Even though he is almost 4 years old he still says "Hold You", instead of "Hold Me" when he wants to be held. Which I have to admit, I think it's adorable! *Up until he was about a year & a half old he made the cutest bitter beer face ever! *He makes the funniest face when he is mad (as demonstrated in the "princess" picture to the right) that makes us want to laugh every time. *Even though it worries us sometimes, there is nothing in the world Camren would rather do than dress up in sparkly dresses & high heels & dance around like a ballerina.*

I love, love, love my Boys!


amy said...

You are so blessed to have Jaden and Cameron. Jaden really is a true artist. He can draw some serious super hero pictures. Super cute boys!
My computer is blocking some of your pictures - are they a bit provocative? :)

Natelli Johnston said...

Oh fun post! I love the new pictures. Jaden really is such a character and has been from the beginning and Cam is just a sweetie!

Natelli Johnston said...

what do you think of the host? your blog is so cute, does Krista have one?