Saturday, July 10, 2010

Girls Camp Rocked the Hiz House

Girls camp was even more funnier, awesomier, coolier, bettier, sweetier, spiritualier & dopeier than I could ever imagined. It seriously was a blast and a half! Loved it! We stayed in The Sorensen's sweet cabin (we were roughing it fo sho). So many fun times, and oh how I truly LOVE every single person that shared in on the girls camp experience 2010! Some highlights:

***The ride to and from camp... talk about a partay in the Montero my loves!***

***Doing all of the girls make-up (a wee bit foreign lugging a bunch o make-up to CAMP, but whatev's) & seeing just how beautimus every single one of them really are!***

***Seeing a baby Moose right outside the cabin & naming him "Moosey"***

***Crying my eyes out, later that night after applying make-up to the girls, telling them that
inner beauty is SO much more important than outer beauty, that they are all beautiful daughters of God & that THAT is what REALLY matters!!!***

***Singing awesome silly songs with the girls***

***Having a very spiritual Testimony Meeting Friday night out on the porch surrounded by beautiful mountain scenery***

***Going 'Snipe Hunting' with the Beehives....Priceless***

***Laughing till I nearly peed myself with all of the leaders (basically every second we were there, but in particular the last night, after all the girls had gone to bed) My vision for being a leader myself at camp realized!!!***

***Getting to know everyone sooo much better & literally loving every second of being with all of them, Long Live Girls Camp 2010!!!***

Let's get to some Pix, shant we.....

So, this is the last day when we were packing up & Katie was about to snap a fabu pic of mua & instead got this (which is even MORE fabu if you ask me). For some reason Steph decided to scare me half ta def at this very instant & Katie captured it. Loves!

Here is 'Moosey', inside joke:

"I tried to stop him, I said 'Moose Stop!', but he didn't listen..."

Here is me, Katie & Katee doing our Miley pouty lips face right after the makeovers.

Work it Girlz!!!

Stretching out atop z ladies

Right before 'Snipe Hunting', notice the Beehives have Toothpaste plastered on their faces. The Laurels told them it "lured" in the snipes. Good stuff!

Great times, great times! Thanks Jake for allowing us unlimited back stage access to your sweet cabin, you are the ONLY reason I would ever claim to be TEAM JACOB! :) Thanks to all of the other leaders, not only did you make me feel like a kid again, but you truly made me feel like a true Stand Up Comedian (which, let's all be honest, I so am not! Only at midnight, in the dark, when I am literally Standing Up, whilst you were all laying down)! And especially Thanks to the 'girls', thanks for accepting me into the YW clan with open arms... I love, love, love you ALL!!!


Becky said...

You are too fun! It makes me excited for our girls camp in a month. :) I wish I could clone you though- I think the girls would enjoy me much better if I were as cool as you are!

Chels and Zach said...

This makes me excited! I am going to girls camsp this week and we are staying in a sweet cabin too. I hope I have as much fun as you did and I hope the girls think I am as cool as your girls think you are!

Katee Reed said...

oh my goodness so many great memories!!!! I freakin love you and loved girls camp!! I got to see a totally different side of my leaders and loved it, i realized they are just like me!! I still have the telephone song stuck in my head tho... HEY LAURA!! Love ya! Still waiting on my mix of epic memories!!

Staceroo said...

Looks like camp was some good times. Chris and I went to see "Eclipse" and Chris was all about Jacob - I had to tell him to tone it down in the theater. He wants to know if Mike's feelings about Jacob have changed after watching eclipse. Let us know. :)

Jessica said...

Looks like a lot of fun Laura!! I knew the girls would absolutely love you- and this just confirms it!! I love the scared pic. It's awesome on so many levels! I also love the Jacob/Edward comments between you and Stace. Hilarious.