Monday, May 24, 2010

The Story of US...

I was going to do a post of our gooey love story & wait & post it on our Anniversary, or V-day, or something semi-lame like that, & then thought to myself, why not just do it now? On a ordinary, out of the blue, non-special event day Monday in May? I love our "Love Story" & I am just going to highlight a little bit of it here. Gooeyness and all!
* On our first date, as he was driving me home, he asked me out on a second date.
No waiting around by the phone wondering, 'Is he going to call?'
A boy that doesn't play mind games, knows what he wants and goes after it. Now that's what I'm talking about!!! *
* On our second date, dropping me off & saying goodnight on the porch, he leans in for
a sweet little kiss. Smiles at me and starts going down the porch stairs, turns around
and says "Um, I think that I am seeing stars right about now." *
* After a week of dating, driving me home in his sweet Land Cruiser that he had fixed up himself, reaches over and grabs my hand & sorta yells over the wind blowing through our hair "I want to date you, and only you, so what I am basically asking is Will you go out with me?" Yes, he was a return missionary, & he was asking me with this cutest boyish smile, very aware that he sounded like he was still in middle school, but just as sincere as Mike always is.
I laughed a little bit, looked at him to see if he was really being serious &
said "Yes, I will 'Go Out' with you" *
* Mike, leaving to go to college up at USU just a month after we had started dating, rearranged his whole schedule so that he only had Tue/Thur classes, so that he could come home
from Thursday night to Monday night to be with me. Let's just say he spent a lot more time
in So Jo than in Logan that semester.
My apologies to his roommates, who never got to see him. *
* Sept. 30, 2000 (just a short couple of months after we had began dating), taking me to USU's Homecoming Dance and afterwords going back to the Alumni house & back in the beautiful gardens in the backyard. Just me & him, he drops to one knee, tells me some very beautiful things & asks 'Will you marry me Laura? I promise I will ALWAYS treat you right & take good care of you?' And he still continues to make good on his promise. *
* December 28, 2000 , we are sealed for eternity in the SLC Temple! What an awesome day (other than the fact that the high of the day was 17 Degrees). We even had dancing at our reception, which is something I always wanted. Our first dance as huzzy & wifey was to
"Love of a Lifetime" by Firehouse. *
* February 12, 2002, laying on an operating bed with Mike right up by my head, lovingly playing with my hair to comfort me, and after 3 hours of pushing & then being rushed in for an emergency c-section, Mike looking in my eyes & saying "I want us to see him for the first time together", then hearing the first cries of our baby boy Jaden. Both of us shedding tears of joy/relief as they bundled him up and placed him in Mikes arms. *
* Aug. 23, 2003 Moving into our first HOME together, looking at each other feeling like "We Made It!!!" *
* August 30, 2004, sitting in a hospital room with Mike, knowing that for sure this time, that our next baby boy is coming via c-section, just waiting for the doc to be ready. Scared & with tears in my eyes, Mike gives me a big hug & tells me that it's going to be Okay & that he will be there with me the entire time. Again, he waits by my head, so that we can see Camren for the first time together. And then a couple hours later, holding Cam in my arms, Jaden walks in the room wearing a "I'm the BIG Brother" t-shirt. Mike picks him up & brings him over to see his lil' brother & there we were, the four of us together as a family. *
* Dec. 21, 2007, packing up & moving out of our first house & I felt devastated, I loved that house, how could we leave it, we had made that house our HOME. But then, as we were driving away, me & the boys in my car & Mike following behind in his car. I looked in my rear view mirror to look at the house once more, but had an Oprah "Aha" moment. I didn't see the house, I just saw my two boys in the back seat & Mike in his car & realized that everything that was special & meaningful about that house was right there, leaving with me. And as long as I had that, then I had MY Home. *
* Dec '07- Feb '08 Living with Mike's parents in their basement. Learning more & more about where Mike comes from & what makes him, well Mike! Seeing the daily interaction of him with his parents made me love & respect him even that much more. *
* Feb '08- Oct '08 Living with Mike's sister Krista & her fam, thinking that we were going to be building a home over by Daybreak, plans all in place. Heavenly Father had a different plan for us & it brought us to where we live now. This was a real trial for Mike & I, having this plan for our family & then doing a 180 & realizing that the Lord wants us somewhere else. It brought us closer & was a testimony builder that the Lord sees over everything in our lives &
his plans/ways are always better than our own, we just need to put faith in him. *
* Feb '06- Present Time: Realizing that there is another little one out there that is meant to be added to our family, but after many infertility treatments, prayers, blessings & still in the process of trying to adopt, & no such luck..... yet. I KNOW that it WILL happen, just don't know how or when quite yet. But I do know that I couldn't ask for a better partner to go through all of this with. Mike has been there to hold me as I cried every single month when I would realize that, No, I am not pregnant....still. When I was on all of this medicine that would literally make me crazy and Mike would call on his way home from work and would ask what kind of take-out he could bring home for me so we could have some yummy food to munch on while we watched whatever movie I was in the mood for. When Mike would be sooo strong for me, even though I knew that it was something that was so hard for him to handle as well. He wants another baby just as much as me. One day Mike, we will be holding our baby that we have prayed so hard for & you will have said to me "I want us to both see her/him for the first time together" & the waiting will have been worth it. *
* And then of course all of the little details, that really make our love story special. The way that we squeeze each others hands 3 times, to secretly tell the other one "I Love You". The songs that have become the soundtrack of our journey together: "Love of a Lifetime" by Firehouse, "I will Love You" by Fisher, "Everything" by Lifehouse, "Tangled up in You" by Staind, "Everything I do" by Bryan Adams, "Fix You" by Coldplay, "All I want is You" by U2, just to name a few. The way that he still gives me that boyish grin & it melts my heart every time. The way that we laugh together, and the way he can make me laugh harder than anyone I've ever met. The little inside jokes we share that no one else would probably even care to understand. The way he still opens doors for me, lets me control the remote, writes me cute little love notes & shows up with flowers "Just Because" & the way that when we went on a date the other week to see the flick "Date Night" & at the end of the movie Steve C.'s character says to Tina F.'s character "I would choose you every time" & Mike leans over and whispers in my ear "I would choose you every time TOO Laura, I love you!" Well Mike, I would choose you too, every time, & any situation. I love you with all of my Laura Johnston Heart!!! *
To be continued, and never to end.....


Jessica said...

Is it ridiculous that I had tears in my eyes while reading this? Cause I did. Mike sure is a great guy!! I honestly didn't know some of that stuff (the beginning stuff- but then again I was 10 when it happened and wasn't really paying attention to what you guys were doing...) Tell Mike I love him and I'm glad/grateful that he's my bro-in-law!! Love ya guys!!

R Clan said...

How incredible! I am sitting hear holding back my tears so I don't hear, "why are you crying." What a beautiful true love story. Thank you so much for sharing this. I think I might read this every day this week.

Becky said...

That is seriously the sweetest post ever! What a great story you two have created together! You are perfect for each other.

Lisa said...
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Chels and Zach said...

I am really just bawling right now! Thanks so much I really needed this. With some things that have been going on needed I really needed to be humbled. You are right, what else matters more in the world then knowing you have a wonderful husband by your side! Really thanks so much for not waiting until a "special day" to post this!

rebekah said...

I am glad to know that I wasn't the only one tearing up while reading this. You guys are lucky to have each other and make a great team!

Natelli Johnston said...

you and Mike are such a great couple. I love your posts!

Ku'uipo said...

You two are so dang cute together! Love it!

Staceroo said...

I especially liked the part about your house not being your "home". I can totally relate to that. You guys have such a cute family and we are so glad to get to be a small part of it.

Jess said...

I think the comment you left on my blog was the longest one in recent history. Congrats.

Simply Sorenson said...

Ok so I totally cried the whole time reading this too! I was like what is wrong with me? I am glad I wasn't the only one, but your story was just so touching to me. I love you guys! You are the cutest couple and I am so glad you are our neighbors and not in Daybreak! I look forward to hearing the rest of your story forever! :)

Lindsey said...

Laura- you are so cute! I am totally crying! I am so glad we are neighbors and that you didnt move by daybreak. You are just the cutest!