Tuesday, May 11, 2010

I'm not NOT nuts...

Some things that I have found humorous as of late... ( do keep in mind, my loves, that some of these things didn't occur lately, sometimes I think of random funny things that happened years ago & D I E laughing out of nowhere. To which my huzzy usually looks at me & says "What is sooo funny?" & then through bursts of laughter & not really being able to speak real words at all cause I am laughing so hard, I explain what the hay I am giggling about. To which his reply usually is "Oh, I guess you had to be there!". No courtesy laughs from him. So, if I don't get any from you, I understand & besides, I won't know anywhoo. But you best believe that I am doing a full on belly laugh on my end here writing this. Plus sometimes it makes me laugh harder when my stories are received with cricket's. Now, after a looooong drawn out explanation of myself let's begin shall we...

* When I was in middle school I honest to goodness thought that the phrase,
or condition rather"Lactose Intolerant" was really "Black Toast Tolerant"!
Boy was my face rainbow red when I realized my mistake. Whoops A Daisy.
* When we were recently in California, we had ordered some yumdiddly-umcious
Papa John's Pizza. Each pizza comes with a Jalapeno Pepper in the box. Chris, my bro in law,
really wanted to have his 2 year old daughter, Kate, try one. After a "look" from my sister & her saying "I guess, if you warn her that it is really HOT & going to burn her mouth, & she still wants to try, then she's all yours" So Chris warns Kate & she opens her mouth & takes a bite. To which, of course she makes a funny face & grabs her milk immediately. Well, a few minutes later, Kate grabs a grape off of her plate & says in the most serious of voices "You want a grape Daddy? It's going to be REALLY HOT & hurt your mouth!!!" Could she get any cuter?
* Realizing that after you eat some "Smacks"- you know, the cereal, the next time you urinate your pee smells exactly like Smacks, & I mean EXACTLY. Mike says that the same thing happens with asparagus, I wouldn't know, I don't eat the stuff. I'll just trust him on that one.
* Camren, a few months ago:
Cam : Hey mom, who gets to decide who you marry, the boy or the girl?
Me: Both, really. The boy usually does the asking, but the girl gets to decide whether she says yes or no.
Cam: When do I get to get married?
Me: Not for a LONG time, hopefully when you are 19 you'll decide to go on a mission.
Cam: How long is a mission?
Me: 2 years
Cam: Ugh, 19 is going to be a boring time.
Me: No, Daddy went to Jamaica & he loved his mission.
Cam: Oh, fine, whatever, but WHEN do I get to get married?
Me: I guess when you get home from your mish. Where do you want to be married?
Cam: (Thinking that I have asked him WHY he wants to get married) Because you get to eat CAKE, hello? And I am going to eat my cake at the beginning of my wedding, not the end like Spencer & Tiffany!
* Lisa Rhinna on dancing with the stars, being interviewed after doing a good job on her dance routine. The lady asked her, "You did such an amazing job tonight, what's your secret?" "Oh, it's cause I have 'my girls' with me tonight (grabbing at her chest), they are my good luck charms!" The lady than looking a little puzzled, so Lisa starts laughing so hard & grabs a picture of her daughters (aka her GIRLS) out from her brazer. What the?
And at the risk of offending some of you, please don't be, Joel from "The Soup", (this is how I even saw this clip), featured this on his show & after airing the clip he says "Oh, that's funny, cause I do so well too because of MY lucky charms, MY BOYS!" Reaching down his pants & grabbing a picture of his sons out of his pants. Hilarious!!!
Okay, that's all for now. Keep on laughin & livin'!


Mikesell Family said...

That made me laugh so hard. I remember my friend Katie seriously asking our 8th grade science teacher if her science project could be making everyone eat smacks and then smelling their pee after. I still laugh about that. I love the soup too and I totally know what clip you're talking about. Do you remember that Britney Murphy movie when I couldn't stop laughing..even during the sad part?

Staceroo said...

Laura - I do so love your stories. It wasn't quite the same without you telling them to me and not really being able to talk and so I can't tell what the heck you're even saying, but I tried to imagine your voice in my head the best I could and muddled through somehow. :) You definitely live by the quote at the beginning and are always a good person to have around when I'm ready to laugh.

Dan and Melissa said...

Laura, thanks for sharing that!
You are an excellent writer and by the way you're so funny!
I love the conversation with Cameron it's too cute!

The Lyon Den said...

You are funny! I love reading your blog.