Sunday, December 20, 2009

Pop Rox is Back!!!

Oh yeah! So I am going to be starting Dance back up again & I am very excited about it! This may be semi-lame, but I am using this as an advertisement of sorts! If you are interested, leave a comment with your numba, or call me- you know the digits, if you don't know the digits, leave a comment & I will contact you.I don't necessarily want to leave my numba hanging out there for any "weirdos" that may or may not blogstalk me. Probably it's just me being a Nervous Nancy, but ya know.... Anywhoo, I will be starting up mid January & having open enrollment until then. Hopefully I will hear from many of ya'll cause I miss the heck out of you! Talk/See "some" of you soon! Lovely!


R Clan said... thinkin'.

Rhi said...

I would love to sign Jersey up. I of course would love to come but I'm working to late for dance.
My number is 801-260-1095 if you didn't know. So call me so miss Jers can dance with you.

bigtallhorses said...

I am totally interested, how old do you teach, I think I got pretty good rythmn too. Let me know,


Jane said...

I would like more info, dates and times, etc. to see if I can make it work. My girls would be SO happy to be in dance.

Will and Michelle Ridd said...

Are you going to be doing any adult classes?

Jenna said...

Hey, you don't know me, but I came across your blog from playing around on friends/neighbors blogs. The title "Pop Rox is back" sucked me in :) I live in the Maples. I would love more info on your classes. Can you email, my name is Jenna, Thanks so much!