Saturday, June 19, 2010


I decided to start a 'Beauty Blog' called Glow. Check it out if you are interested, or don't, whatever floats ya boat.
Gracias, carry on.

Thursday, June 17, 2010


Things I cannot photograph....
-the laughter of my kids-
-my crazy tangled emotions of wanting another child-
-how great it feels to jump into a lake on a hot day-
-my love for the people that surround me-
-the respect i have for the life my grandpa lived-
-the refreshing feeling i get after giggling really hard-
-my gratitude towards my parents-
-the way i feel about music-
-sheer joy of a yummy home cooked meal-
-my passion for dancing-
-the feel of raindrops on my skin on a warm evening-
-how nice it feels to feel loved-

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Happiness is...

* Lying in bed listening to the Rain outside * * Going to a Bee's Game with good Friends (thanks Steph!) * * Getting an unexpected Note in the mail * * Finding an old favorite
Sweatshirt, ALL the way in the very back of your closet * * Watching your 8 year old
son play Guitar Hero as his "talent" in the scout Talent Show * * Hearing a favorite
song while strolling through a store *
* Celtics making it to the Finals, we WILL beat LA * * Playing the game Ripple with family & seeing how happy my Mom gets when she gets a ripple/card she wants * * Bubble Baths * * Laughing so hard that you feel like you just did 314 sit ups * * Looking out my back window & seeing Mike & Camren doing their new favorite thing together: Gardening * * Having those yummy Powdered Doughnuts every once in a while for breakfast *
*Hula Hooping with a BFF in my living room watching So You Think You Can Dance, hoping that it really is burning the 600 calories in 60 minutes, like a magazine told you * * Going to late night girlie movies with Sis in
laws * * Watching Brian Regan DVDs that Jess lent to mua * * Smiling at a total stranger & they actually smile back * * Reading the sequel to 'The Hourglass Door': 'The Golden Spiral' * * Realizing that no matter your circumstances, you really can choose to be happy, everyday *