Thursday, June 17, 2010


Things I cannot photograph....
-the laughter of my kids-
-my crazy tangled emotions of wanting another child-
-how great it feels to jump into a lake on a hot day-
-my love for the people that surround me-
-the respect i have for the life my grandpa lived-
-the refreshing feeling i get after giggling really hard-
-my gratitude towards my parents-
-the way i feel about music-
-sheer joy of a yummy home cooked meal-
-my passion for dancing-
-the feel of raindrops on my skin on a warm evening-
-how nice it feels to feel loved-


Becky said...

I loved this! I love you too!! :)

Turbo said...

Well stated :) Have a great weekend!

Jessica said...

Love ya Laura!! That's all I really wanted to say. Thanks for being such an awesome big sis!!

Natelli Johnston said...

great post, you are so creative and fun. Beautiful picture too :D