Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The Continuation

Here's the "to be continued..." part of our California trip. I said I'd do it & I delivered, amazing, I know. So, before we had left to Cali, my sister had written a post on her blog that Aly, my niece, had just gotten her first hula hoop. So I had posted a comment for her to let Aly know that a Hula Hooping contest was going to be on like Donkey Kong when we came for a visit. The contest took place the night before we left & basically everybody got in on the fun (though I don't have pix of everyone who did it, my bad). I actually was the first one up & was going on doing my hula business & after a few minutes Stacy says to me "Okay, I think that you can be done now, I think that you have won. Let's give Aly a chance." Kinda like, "Okay, what the heck are you doing Laur, are you trying to make a 8 year old girl cry?" So, in my mind I was like: "Crap, I was being serious & what if she honestly barely just learned? Dang it Laura! Dang it!" So, dun dun dunaaaaaahh, Aly gets up for her turn & she just kept going & going & going, she was the energizer bunny I tell ya. Stacy, in surprise, says to Aly "When did you get sooo good?", Aly just smiles at her madre & continues to tell her that she & her friend from Louisiana would practice all of the time together before they moved out to Cali. Then Aly starts doing all of these tricks, walking, jumping up & down, doing the boo-tay dance all whilst still hula hooping! She won that contest by a mile! I was so proud of her! She was so awesome! Here were some of the other contestants....

Mike, okay, so he was freakishly good at it. Anything he tries, he can do. He could have just kept going & shaking what his mother gave him, but I think that he wanted to let me walk away with at least a little pride. I like his form though. Look at those arms.

Than there's me.... you can almost just hear me saying "TAAA-DAAAAA" through
the picture, can't you?

Stacy gave a very valiant effort, preggo belly and all (even though you can't really tell cause her coat is hiding it). She was one of my favorites to watch though! I love how we all do a little something different with our arms.

Here's my bud Jaden. His first time trying!!! By the end, he actually kind of got it! It MUST run in the family or something.

And now, without further adue, the WINNER.... Aly!!! All I can say is, you better keep practicing Aly, because you do realize that there will be a part 2 to this little competition! And yes, I actually DID go & purchase a hula hoop to practice! So, if you want to hold onto that title, you may want to start throwing in a couple new tricks. Just so you know. :)

Well, well, well here is a few more pix from the trip. Just putting them up on here makes me want to load up the Prism & head on out for another 12 hour road trip! Miss you O'Gwins!

Here's cute Kate at the Beach. That girl is quite possibly the coolest 2 year old ever!

Here's one of almost the whole group at the aquarium. Thanks Mike for sacrificing not being in the picture, so that we actually had someone to take the picture!
Chris didn't make it because of school. Dang you school & making people smarter!

I just particularly liked this one of Cam at the BBQ... Smores anyone?

Jaden & Cam at Carmel Beach. Notice that Jaden is wearing a "gold medal" that he had gotten at their church in primary & would not take it off forever.

Love this next one, & a good one to end on, I believe. My boys enjoying the beach at sunset....



Dana said...

What a nice vacation! The pictures of the beach instantly relaxed me! I'm feeling a beach trip comin on! We live so close but still so far away! We really need to go!! Great pics, I LOVE that you're blogging again!!

Turbo said...

Those hula hoop shots are awesome.

Jessica said...

Love the pics!! Why is every picture of Stacy always impossible to see her belly?! I mean come on!! The picture of Aly looks like the hula hoop is freakishly just hovering around her and that she's just standing there doing nothing. Again- so jealous of the trip!!! Love ya!

Mikesell Family said...

Awe that looks like fun! I might have to show you my hula hoop talents...lol

Staceroo said...

I'm sure Aly would welcome another challenge on the hula hoop. You may want to borrow another one so the two of you can go head to head and show your stuff.

And yeah, I heard how you guys were all laughing at the way I hula hooped (mainly my facial expressions) at Sunday dinner. I told mom that I didn't want to look like I was constipated from concentrating too hard so I just made myself have the ultra cheeser on my face the whole time. Gotta love it. Plus Mom and Jess blow up every single picture I put on my blog and analyze it.

Oh, and Aly keeps asking me when Jaden is going to update his blog and we all have the Gummi Bear song stuck in our heads. Thanks a lot.

Jessica said...

Stace- I love your comment. And don't act like you wouldn't blow up the pictures and analyze them too. You're the biggest analyzer of the family!!

Simply Sorenson said...

That is so awesome that you thought you were so good and feeling bad that you were going to beat your niece in the hoola hoop contest, and she busts out her mad ninja hoola hooping skills with tricks to boot! Classic! The beach pics make me miss Cali and I can't wait to go in October!!! :)