Monday, February 23, 2009

Birthdays, Valentines, Cavaliers...Oh My!

Here's the hizzity happity happenings of the past few weeks...


How do I have a 7 year old? I mean I must have been 10 when I had him! The Friday before his actual b-day he had a cousin's only Slumber party. For the first few hours we had almost all of the cousins, it did get a wee bit crazy laddy, but then just the "older" cousins slept over. The night was full of Pizza, cake, presents, games & more sugar. The funnest part was to see Jaden enjoying every bit of it. I am so proud of Jaden & what a good bud he is! Birthday wishes must also be extended to my Madre who Jaden shares his birth date with. Yes, my Mom did get to spend her birthday 7 years ago in a delivery room with me, watching me try to PUSH HIM OUT, PUSH HIM OUT, WAAAAY OUT! for three hours, to then just have me be wheeled out for an emergency C-Section? WHAT! He ended up being a big butterball weighing in @ 10 lb 2 oz! Who would have guessed it? Oh me, that's right, just don't try to tell my doctor, who decided to let me go over my due date by a week! He'd already obviously cooked enough in my oven, Dr. Hutchinson. But, oh la, it's 7 years later & I have a dashing young fella to show for it. If I still sound bitter towards my awful first OBGYN, well, I'm not going to answer that now, but I will warn anyone & everyone to NEVER give him business! I'm done, & sorry that I veered off course, Jaden I love you more than anything & I would go through that a zillion more times just to have you in my life!

Next, it was Valentines time! This year we made boxes as a family & put Valentines in them for each other leading up to the big day. The kids loved it! Mike & I got to go on a fun day date the day of & we went to Red Robin & then the movie "Taken", it was good. I'd give it 3 and a quarter stars out of 5.

Next up, my parents took us to see King James at the Cav's-Jazz game! It was really fun seeing him dunk that biznis in person. Mike got the sweetest picture of him throwing the chalk in the air. We could frame it & sell it on e-bay for millions....

Thanks to all of my well wishers out there while I went under the knife this past week. In case some of you didn't know I went in and got my boobs reduced & butt implants, all is looking well so far.... Oh wait, that's not what I had done, I just went in & had my Endomytriosis (sp?) removed, but that doesn't sound as exciting. I'm doing good, now let's put out "Baby Vibes" into the Universe for Sister Laura shall we?

Friday, February 6, 2009

Hey, It's Okay....

So, I was reading my "Glamour" magazine the other day & they have this page in the back every month titled "Hey, It's Okay..." & then they go on to list 8-10 things that some people may not view as okay, but they are Proclaiming to the world that, Hey, it really IS Okay! So I am going to do my own version of it. So off we go!

Hey It's Okay.....

*to think that the definition of "Eating Healthier" is only eating 2 handfuls of Peanut M & M's a day instead of a whole bag!
*to know that the "media" would print "Laura's A Whale" on the cover of US Weekly if I truly was the rock star that I imagine myself to be. But not give a crap , because the media's version of "SKINNY" is sooo out of whack it's not even funny! LEAVE JESSICA SIMPSON ALONE!
Okay, now I'm off to eat my daily meal of M & M's....
*to only have read the "Twilight" series once & still consider yourself as big of a fan as all of those that have read it 5 times or more. (What? I've wanted to move along and read other literature, also A-OKAY!:)
*to get excited every single night when the little kiddies go to sleep, you still obviously love them ta death, you just need a break!
*to change up your hair color every 6 weeks, WHY NOT.....IT'S FUN! And bonus: My hubby gets to be married to a Brunette one month & then a Red Head another, but for the most part a blond! Fun Times!
*to secretly wish that you and Jennifer Aniston were besties, well not really "secretively" because every one knows this desire of mine.
*to REALLY be PERFECTLY BLISSFUL with the "Besties" that you already have, they really are the best friends in the world! Love you all!
* to watch "The Real World, Brooklyn", "True Beauty", "The Bachelor" & "The Real Housewives of Orange County" every week, without fail!
*to sometimes wish that you looked like Nicole from "The Pussycat Dolls" Trust me, I'm as straight as an arrow, but dang, that girl is Fine! Isn't it funny how, if you are weird like me & wish sometimes that you looked like someone else, that they are usually completely opposite of what you look like. So, let's take Nicole for instance... She has looooong almost black hair, I have a "Pixie" cut & it's blond & brown, for the moment. She is ethnic & has olive brown skin, I have to self tan my way to not looking ill. She has firm abs & I flaunt a muffin top wherever I go. Ya get the idea. And while I'm at it, I want to set the record straight, I'm not making jabs at my current weight, so that all of you will jump right onto the "Make A Comment" section of my blog, & say "Oh, Laura, you are such a silly thing, you look great!" Fake smile dripping from your comment. I am grateful for the body that I have, but also am looking forward to loosing the muffin top through Dance!
* to shake your money maker & sing opera really poorly at the top of your lungs out, all while washing, rinsing, & repeating in the shower!