Monday, December 8, 2008

Little Miss Obsessive

Okay, so maybe I shouldn't be admitting this, but when I decide I like something, I really like it! Like I get obsessed, as told to me by a doctor "You, definitely have O.C.D. Laura"! Thanks, I kind of already figured that, but here's your $100.00, don't call me, I'll call you! So I like my throw pillows to be EXACTLY how I like them, can't stand it if my Coffee Table books are even the slightest bit crooked, and I simply CANNOT fall asleep at night if the house hasn't been cleaned from the day's activities. I actually don't look at my O.C.D. as a bad thing.... it keeps my house clean & I feel like it makes me a wee bit more passionate about certain things. As previously mentioned, when I like something, I LOVE something (am I starting to sound psycho?, I don't mean to if I am, so recognize & let's all move on :)! Here are some of my latest obsessions....

* The band Safetysuit. If you haven't heard of them,
check 'em out! (Some of their stuff is on my play list below.)
*The Whiskey BBQ Wrap @ Red Robin- I highly recommend it!
*Bath & Body Works "Aloe Socks", Soooo soft & warm, put body butter
on your feet before you slip into these & your feet will be baby soft in no time!
*A Grande Strawberries & Cream Frapachino minus the whipped cream @ Starbucks! (Don't you worry family, there's no coffee in it, just a yummy smoothie of sorts.)
*Playing a CD called "Sleep Deeply" as I'm going to sleep, I bought into the idea that it scientifically is supposed to help you sleep deeply, as the title implies. Don't know
if it really does, but I like it!
*Britney Spears new song "Circus" I am not ashamed in the least!
*The Hills, this has been an ongoing obsession since the get go of Laguna Beach & then be still my heart they made a spin off with Lauren Conrad!
*The new music video by The All American Rejects "Gives you Hell"
* The Nordstrom Cafe (located upstairs), they have the BEST soups, sandwiches, & salads!
*The game Catch Phrase, we've been playing this game a lot at my parents house lately & have had some pretty funny moments because of it!
*Okay, another Bath & Body Works shout out, but their new "SHEA CASHMERE" body line, smells sooooo yummy!
*Arrested Development, I always try to decide which is my favorite character, but I can't! They are ALL so funny & play their parts so well. Oh, & I heard that they are making an Arrested Development Movie & I couldn't be more excited!
So, I will stop there, because as any fellow Obsession filled person knows, we can just keep going on & on & on & on, Oh & did I say On & on & on & on & on & on & on & on & on....................................


bigtallhorses said...

I LOOOVE arrested development TOO and Same Same, I tell wes that same thing every time we watch it, I think it's gob, no, it's the mom. HA! You are so cute, Love the favorites post, sounds like i need to check all this stuff out.

Jess said...

??? - and I mean that from the bottom of my heart.

Mikesell Family said...

I love everything that you have listed...except I haven't tried the Nordstrom Cafe. Guess we better make a lunch date. Arrested Development makes me laugh so hard. Glad you like it too. I got the Britney Spears CD too. We are her true fans right?...not ashamed to admit it.

Darcie said...

I am so with you I don't think having OCD is a bad thing. I have OCD really bad when it comes to cleaning the house and having things in my house the right way all the time. I love everything on your list it was to funny!!!

Kimberly said...

Cool list! I used to be way more OCD than I am now...I had to tone it down a little after having kids. But, I hear ya! I hate going to bed with a messy house too...nothing worse than having to do dishes in the morning!

Anonymous said...

I too am obsessed with The hills. Have watched since Laguna Beach also. I'm so glad they are coming back for another season. Don't you just hate Spencer? I can't stand him.

Sarah said...

Hi laura, this is sarah speredon. I don't know if you remember me, but I'm married to Joey. HOpe you don't mind me reading your blog. I Found you through Andrea Henich. feel free to stop by mine.

Cyndy Mikesell said...

Okay your beautiful and I love your OCD list. It gave me some great ideas. I would love it of you would give me some make-up tips. Granted your 27 but I think you could give me a lot of tips on a 53 year old face. Let me know when you can fit me in. I do agree I love Nordstrom Cafe soup ( Tomato Bisque) or something like that . And the pastries are to die for. If you ever have a make -up make over day at Nordstroms please call so I can make an appt. with you. I am Betsy's mother in law. Hope your holidays were great!