Sunday, November 8, 2009

Whatever, Whatever, Whatever....

Yeah, so my "title" doesn't mean anything, at all. I'm just coming on to say Hello to everyone, to update- sorta. HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the big 31 year old on Tuesday! Can't wait to celebrate with you! You are getting so big and tall, like your Dad Lar-Bear! Love ya Mike! We are still not preggers yet, taking a little break from all of it actually. Laura + crazy hormone drugs - no baby = CRAZY LAURA & that's never too much fun for anyone really. So we are "reevaluating" for now I guess you could say. Wish I had a billion dollars so that I could go "reevaluate" in Jamaica or Paris or something like that. But for now, the mental break is kinda nice. Ramble....ramble....ramble....

Some new things that I am obsessed with lately.....

* The songs "Happy" by Leona Lewis & "I turn my camera on" by Rock Kills Kid

*The "Winter Candy Apple" Home Oil from Bath & Body Works

*The saying "Why I aught" (in a Boston accent) while holding up your fist VERY annoyingly

*The show's "Flowers Uncut"- he's genius, "The Hills"- Justin Bobby is a tool, and of course "So you think you can Dance"- where do some of those dancers come from? Amazing!

*Asiago Bagels from Harmons bakery with chive & onion cream cheese smothered on it- oh & then go talk to someone really close to their face, if they stay put or actually call you out on your horrid breath, you know that you have found a true friend.

*The book "The Hourglass Door"- liked it just as much as Twilight, or more.... if that doesn't leave you dying to read it as well, I don't know what will.

Peace up, A town down.